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Things You Can Make From Kee Klamp Fittings

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Just like Lego or Knex for grown-ups, The versatile Kee Klamp has limitless possibilities! It’s affordable, quick to order & has over 60 fittings for any project. All you need is your imagination! Discover some creative uses for Kee Klamp in this blog post.

Create An Iconic Piece Of Furniture

In 1981, Designer Ron Arad created the Rover chair. The chair is a postmodern design, combining a car seat with a structural tube frame. The frame was none other than Kee Klamp, made from original Kee Klamp Milking Stalls.

Chairs have been seen on Top Gear, & John Paul Gautier bought six. You can currently see one on display at London’s Barbican Musem & Design Museums, The MOMA in New York City & The Pompidou Centre in Paris.

If you want to bag one, expect to pay at least £7k for a chair and around £20k for a pair.

The wooden poles combined with a leather car seat and Kee Klamp fittings, make for this great looking chair, designed by David Clark for the ultimate loft look.

Why not create something iconic with Kee Klamp? Maybe you could be the next David Clark or Ron Arad!

Become A Parkour Ninja Warrior

Kee Klamp has been used in gyms for Parkour & Climbing. The Versatility of Kee Klamp means you can create your own unique structure, making them an excellent option for any gym.

What if you want to install a flexible home gym for your own fitness style? With Kee Klamp fittings and tubes, you can build a home fitness centre that is entirely customisable to fit all your workout needs!

Create An Enviable Office Space

If you want to create an exciting office space, why not build desks and tables from Kee Klamp? – You can buy direct from our website, or if you’re really handy, you can design your own modular system. Kee Klamp Desks & Tables look amazing in industrial mill type buildings, teamed with the brick walls & hardwood floors common to those spaces. Great for giving your startup the edge!

Learn To Dance Like A Prima Ballerina

Want to practice your ballet dancing? A Kee Klamp freestanding ballet barre is an excellent choice for the bespoke ballet space. It’s versatile, easy to assemble and adjusts with an Allen key, making it ideal for at-home use or in a studio.

Rust-free technology means it can be used indoors or outdoors too. The adjustable size makes it suitable for both adults and children.

Don’t stop at ballet, though – this set-up can be used for yoga, pilates and body balance exercises.

Style Your Bedroom Like A Trendy London Loft

Well, maybe you live in a trendy London loft, but if you don’t, there’s no reason you can’t create that loft living effect in any space. With one of our Kee Klamp bedframes.

We have several designs available in our store, like the Barbican Industrial Bed Frame. We make our bed frames with rust-resistant technology too.

If you really want to push the boat out, team up our Windsor four-poster canopy bed frame with a super comfy mattress ensuring you’ll enjoy endless nights of peaceful sleep.

Make Your Home Amazing

Looking for something different when it comes to home storage? Our Kee Klamp clothing rails range gives an urban industrial feel to your storage solutions!

Why not create an industrial-style hook coat rack to hang your coats and hats?

Our industrial style clothing rail is for you if you want a modern display unit. It’s solid & durable & you can use it with normal-sized coathangers!

Why not use Kee Klamps to build a shoe rack? The metal is durable and won’t get spoiled by muddy shoes.

There are endless applications for modular furniture. Why not create your own media wall? The Kee Klamp system allows you to build shelving of any size and depth, perfect for housing any size TV, speaker system & media library.

Kee Klamps make a great solution for creating shelving for all your vinyl and a place to house your decks if you fancy being a superstar DJ.

Easy to assemble and robust enough to hold many clothes or shoes, Kee Klamps are perfect for all your home storage needs!

Enjoy Summer BBQs in the Garden

Create a stylish garden table and chairs from Kee Klamps & Reclaimed wood – perfect for sitting outside on those sunny days and enjoying a bbq

or why not make a sofa with cushions for lazy summer evenings with a cocktail in hand?

Kit Out Your Retail Or Fashion Store

You only need to look around shops, and you will start noticing Kee Klamps everywhere! Because it’s easy to assemble and you can create whatever shape you need, it’s often an ideal solution for retail. The tubular fittings make it an excellent solution for fashion retailers. Especially those really trendy ones who want that urban, industrial vibe.

Kee Klamp Are The Original Key Clamps – Designed in 1934

Although there are many versions of key clamps available, Kee Klamp is the original brand & we have been around since 1934 when the system was developed by George H Gascoine for making cow’s milking stalls! Marketed initially as a cattle control system, it soon became apparent that there were many more applications for the versatile Kee Klamp. The most common use is Guard Rails, but there are 1001 ways to use them in domestic settings.

What Will You Make With Yours?

As we have said, there are limitless possibilities with Kee Klamp. They aren’t just for guardrails, or industrial uses, from iconic furniture to home and sports and fitness. If you can imagine a use for them, you can create just about anything.

Have you made anything unusual with Kee Klamps? If you have, we would love to see them – get in touch with us for a chance to be featured on our website.8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make From Kee Klamps