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The Kee Systems BeamClamp® system is an engineered clamping solution which allows the connection of steel without onsite drilling or welding.

By using a series of individual components, BeamClamp® can provide a bespoke connection which is fully guaranteed and third party approved.

BeamClamp® can be either temporary or permanent and allows for full on site adjustment, ideal for secondary steel connections.

Though there are other solutions available for making steel to steel connections, we believe BeamClamp® provides the best results and cost benefits. Below are just a few of the benefits offered by BeamClamp®.

  1. No drilling or welding required. This means you don’t need on-site power, and reduces installation time by removing the need to relocate cables and hoses.
  2. Clamps directly to the existing structure. Any corrosion resistant layers are unaffected as there is no need to drill or penetrate the steel. The connection will last and provide peace of mind for years to come.
  3. No hot works required. No heat and no sparks means no hot works permit is required, reducing installation cost and administration time.
  4. Safe for use in hazardous conditions. With no additional safety considerations, you can be reassured no new hazards will be created.
  5. No need for specialist skills or equipment. Semi-skilled labour can easily install BeamClamp® quickly and safely, reducing your labour and hire costs.
  6. Easily realign steel members, eliminating the need for remedial work due to steel misalignment, providing onsite flexibility.
  7. Third part accreditation for use in tensile and frictional applications. BeamClamp® is approved for use by Lloyd Register Type, meaning you can be confident all literature is accurate and the solution will perform as stated.
  8. Hot Dip Galvanised Finish. Our high-quality corrosion protection comes as standard, removing the need for post-installation touch ups, and providing confidence in the finish. The same finish is used on our tubular fittings, which can last up to fifty years or more before they need replacing, even in hostile environments.
  9. One stop shop for steel to steel connections. We provide a wide range of BeamClamp® configurations suitable for the vast majority of steel to steel connections, reducing sourcing costs.
  10. Guaranteed loading and safety factor. No need to rely on the skill of the installer with a guaranteed, fully tested, safety factor. Reduce your installation time and increase peace of mind.

For more information about BeamClamp, or our other range of steel to steel connections, BoxBolt, call Kee Systems on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.

Tue, 09/25/2018 – 13:25

The Kee Systems BeamClamp system is an engineered clamping solution which allows the connection of steel without onsite drilling or welding.

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