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Benefits of BoxBolt v Tapping and Welding

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When you need to make blind steelwork connections, you might immediately think of tapped or welded solutions, tried and tested, they’re the best options. Right?

Not always.

At Kee Systems we offer the BoxBolt® blind fixing solution, an alternative to the traditional fixing methods which could help you to make major savings on both cost and design time.

BoxBolt®  is fully tested and approved, suitable for use with rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections. Simple to install using our BoxSok® installation tool thanks to the hexagonal head design, BoxBolt®  is perfect for when installation time needs to be kept to a minimum.

BoxBolt® is available in three finishes; zinc plated for the less aggressive environments, hot dip galvanized for the more aggressive environments, and stainless steel for the most demanding of applications. These finishes combined with three lengths of BoxBolt® make it extremely flexible to suit its environment and application.

BoxBolt® v tapped solutions

When it comes to a tapped connection solution you can encounter various issues which can slow you down and increase cost, such as design checks and installation considerations.

BoxBolt® provides a guaranteed load every time, and reduces the amount of design checks due to being less reliant on the material it is connecting to.

BoxBolt® also reduces time considerations. Tapped connections take more time to complete as you must be very careful to avoid crossed threads preventing the connection.

BoxBolt® v welded solutions

Welding in any scenario can be a costly exercise. Welded solutions require skilled labour and hot works permits, and the time it takes to prepare the surface, weld, cool and then test the weld can often add up and take up vital resources due to much of it requiring supervision.

BoxBolt® also offers several advantages over welded connections. No skilled labour or special equipment is required, and you won’t need hot work permits or to put aside the often lengthy amount of time it takes to weld.

In addition to all of this, BoxBolt® is CE marked, ensuring total peace of mind.

BoxBolt steel connections

BoxBolt® Benefits and Advantages

  • Access required to only one side of the connection. Connections can be made blind into hollow sections or where access is restricted. No through bolting or strapping required, reducing fabrication requirements.
  • No need for close tolerance holes or tapping. New holes can be drilled quickly on site if needed, increasing flexibility and reducing site installation time.
  • No special tools required. Only two spanners are required meaning no specialist equipment is needed, reducing installation and administration cost.
  • No special skills required. Connections can be made quickly with even semi-skilled labour, reducing labour and hire costs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Only the BoxBolt® head is visible when installed, offering more flexibility in architectural design.
  • CE Marked and approved for use by Lloyds Register Type. You can be confident the connection will be safe and secure thanks to third party accreditation for use in tensile and frictional applications.
  • Fewer BoxBolts required to make shear connections. Thanks to BoxBolt’s exceptional shear loading performance, fewer connections are required, providing more flexibility in design as well as possible cost reductions.
  • Simple to follow design procedure. BoxBolt® adheres to the AISC and Eurocode 3 method for designing connections, allowing designers to quickly deduce which bolted connection is needed, saving costs on competitive methods.
  • Even faster installation with the BoxSok® installation tool. The BoxSok tool speeds up installation and reduces on-site labour costs.

For more information about our BoxBolt® blind fixing solution, call us on 0208 874 6566, or use our online contact form.

Wed, 08/01/2018 – 11:16

When you calculate the costs that go into making a steel connection, systems such as the CE accredited BoxBolt® are proving to be more beneficial than traditional methods such as tapping and welding as installation speed and labour costs are vastly reduced.  But those are not the only benefits, a BoxBolt® connection is guaranteed and is also approved by a number of approval bodies.

BoxBolt fast and cost effective steel connections