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When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our BeamClamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.

BeamClamp and BoxBolt products can be used for the connection of both heavy and light duty building services, and the products provide a strong but flexible connection, meaning if the building services need to re-routed, this can be done easily without the need for expensive remedial work and no damage to the main structure.

Industries in which our steel to steel connections have proved their effectiveness include building services, infrastructure and solar/wind energy, amongst others.

Building services

Typical uses of Beamclamp and BoxBolt in this sector include:

– Connection of cable tray supports

– Connection of mechanical services (pipe work)

– Connection of Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems

– Suspension of fire protection systems

For example, in the picture on the left, Beamclamp was used to connect a supporting structure which spanned between the existing structure of a stadium, which in turn was used to support lighting and audio equipment.

Beamclamp allowed for adjustability between and along the beams, meaning the supporting structure could be positioned correctly for the equipment. Had a traditional nut and bolt been used for this project, it would have to be fully removed and a new connection made with no room for fine adjustment.


The flexibility of Beamclamp and BoxBolt means they lend themselves perfectly to the infrastructure sector, with the constant demand for refurbishment meaning new equipment and replacement steel is always required for the repair of bridges, power station upgrades,

water treatment plants and tunnels.

Our steel to steel connections reduce down-time, and in more hazardous environments, reduce the risk of accidents. Other uses for Beamclamp and BoxBolt in the infrastructure sector include:

– Connection of new services to bridges

– Connection of guard railing

– Securing of steel floors for walkways

– Hanging of maintenance walkway platforms

– Connection of rails for tunneling projects

– Connection of lifting equipment for machinery

Stainless steel BoxBolts were used to create a splice detail in the steel structure pictured, creating a sheltered area for train passengers. The BoxBolt detail allowed for the neat tubular joint without the need for expensive labour or equipment.

Solar and wind

Beamclamp and BoxBolt are becoming increasingly important in the solar and wind energy market, as they often provide the perfect solution thanks to their flexibility and adaptability.

Typical applications include:

– Connection of panels to columns on solar fields

– Connection of solar panels to existing structures such as electronic advertising screens

– Securing of steel flooring to walkways for access and maintenance

– Connection of guard railing on walkways access and maintenance

Pictured is a conduit box at a solar panel array, constructed with the help of steel to steel connections. BoxBolts were used specifically to attach the conduit boxes to tube steel, which supports the solar panels themselves, providing a secure and effective fixing solution.

BoxBolt and Beamclamp can be used in a huge variety of industries and scenarios, way beyond what is listed here. If you would like to enquire about whether our steel to steel connections might be right for you, give us a call on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.

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When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our BeamClamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.