Brighton Rail Line Made Safe with Kee Systems

Kee Systems recently secured a contract with Carillion to design and install a handrail and fence safety solution to segregate train depot staff from the Brighton mainlines and to protect them from the live tracks.

Carillion, the integrated support services company secured a £120m contract with Network Rail to upgrade depots and stabling sites as part of the Thameslink programme. The aim of the programme is to increase the capacity of trains from eight to twelve carriages, and to provide depots and stabling where the new length trains can be parked and cleaned.  The project designer, BCS, specified Kee Klamp® fittings as they are Network Rail approved.

Kee Systems also worked directly with Carillion, installing 50mm x 50mm Weld Mesh Panels, which work as screens to prevent debris from the train depot affecting the main railway line. The Kee Klamp® fencing also created a safety barrier of 1m from high voltage cables.

“We received great customer services from the Kee Systems team” explains John Lloyd, Section Manager from Carillion. “We were impressed with the service right from the beginning as they were quick at supplying us with quotes for this project, and the design was spot on for our needs.  This continued throughout the project with good lead times and well managed deliveries.  The installation team on the mesh panels, performed extremely well. This is the first time that we have worked with Kee Systems.  We are pleased that we did as the fittings are of extremely high quality and easy to install.  We would have no problem specifying Kee Klamp® on future projects.”

The project completed in October 2013 and since then Kee Systems has supplied Kee Access® fittings for a tunnel DDA handrail system for King’s Cross station in London.


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Brighton_Rail_Line.jpgKee Klamp fittings at Brighton railway line
Brighton_Rail.jpgBrighton mainline railway
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