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Life changing DDA disability handrail

See how our DDA disability handrails helped aid this brave young man.

DDA Disability handrail system for an incredible young man

 10-year-old George, from Lincolnshire, was born with Ataxia Gait and visual impairments, making it almost impossible for him to move around safely without a wall or rail for support and reference.

His parents, Andrew and Lourdes, sought us out in the hopes we could design and supply a DDA disability handrail system for their garden, to allow George to navigate it safely. We were more than up to the task.

Everybody at Kee Systems was thrilled to play their part in a vital disability handrail project, designed to give a truly impressive young man the freedom to enjoy his garden.

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The Project

For many years, Kee Systems has designed and supplied disability access (DDA) handrail both commercially and domestically, to ensure everyone has the same level of access no matter their impairment.

It was due to our experience in Equality Act-compliant handrail that Andrew and his wife Lourdes sought us out. After a meeting, we identified that our Kee Access system would provide the safest, most effective support for George to enjoy the garden. Between us, we designed a system that would allow George to freely and safely traverse the garden.

George’s father, Andrew, told us: “George has been restricted to the home, and we therefore knew I would need to give up work as soon as possible. Our aim is simple, by the time we die, we would like George to be able to survive with others happily.”

“We purchased a small bungalow within a walled garden, and I spent five months, with help, extending and adapting the property. This included a converted building for education and a music room at opposite ends of the garden to motivate George to leave the house.”

Andrew spent several months and his own time and energy digging out paths and laying concrete, donated from various sources.

George loved the music room, but Andrew soon realised that the paths to the building at the end of the garden were unsuitable for George long-term, even with the aid of a wheelchair and walker. More importantly, it was vital that George did not suffer any negative experiences whilst in the garden, as his sensitive nature meant this could have a long-term effect.

Much of the funding for the various renovations came from the Disability Facilities Grant (DFG) and other charitable committees such as the Royal Navy. Though Andrew had already identified a handrail would be the best solution, he realised existing funds would not cover the cost of the entire project.

We at Kee Systems put together a presentation that Andrew could give to the charities to clearly illustrate the benefits George would see from the DDA handrail. They received further funds within two weeks.

Due to the nature of the project and the importance to George’s wellbeing and freedom, we carried out the installation free of charge.

The Result

The Kee Access handrail has changed George’s life. Immediately following installation, he took hold of the new system and covered an incredible 12m in one go. Andrew told us that since that day, George has only grown in confidence and is well on his way to independence.

Andrew said: “You, your management, your team and your company have changed a boy’s life instantly. We cannot thank you all enough. Your team here were amazing and worked so hard and so quickly and everything is perfect!”

“We had always known handrails were the answer, but we had very little money left at all. With your donation of skilled labour, a disability facility grant, for ~20% of the rails, a donation from the charity foundation, and the very last of our savings, we got over the line.”

“Without your donation, I would have been installing myself. After seeing the skill and experience your team had, I now know I would never have reached close to the standard of workmanship required, and it would have taken me way into summer to get the work completed.”

“Yesterday George and I were walking, and as we left the music room, George reached out and took the rail with both hands, then let go with one hand and walked three steps to the corner, turned on his own and walked the 8m to the next intersection. It was like a movie!”

“George loves the smoothness of the joins and the feeling of the bends. He is memorising every joint and already knows where he is in much of the garden.”

“The whole experience from the first call to George using the rails could not have been better. All your team were so considerate of George’s need for no talking. I cannot thank you all enough.”

Our dedication to DDA disability handrail systems

We’ve been designing, supplying, and installing Equality Act-compliant handrail for many years. Too many places in the UK – both commercial and domestic – are not fully equipped to allow for safe access for those with physical impairments.

Kee Access handrail is made with the same innovative modular ethos in mind as the rest of our handrails, allowing for quick installation, no need for welding, and long-term durability even with repeated use. Sections fit together easily, with no bumps, and are not cold to the touch. We can provide our systems in a range of RAL colours to blend in or stand out.

At Kee Systems, we’re constantly striving to provide powerful, effective safe access solutions for everyone, including heroes like George.

If you would like to discuss your handrail needs, or how we might be able to help you, give us a call on + + + + + + + + + + + + +020 3666 1949, or use our online contact form.

George takes his first steps towards independence

Kee Access DDA Handrail System


Donations welcome

In support of George’s garden project,  Mark Colquhoun, Group HSE Director for Kee Safety, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise additional funds to further enhance the family garden, creating 23 motivational sensory areas for George.

Mark and his wife are undertaking a sponsored 480 mile virtual walk in an attempt to raise £1000.

Kee Giving has also pledged an additional £1000 to the project, once Mark and his wife have completed the walk.

We at Kee Systems congratulate them in their efforts and wish Mark and his wife the very best of luck; thank you.

Donations Welcome Here.

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