DDA Handrail System

Designed for a wheelchair-bound young man

DDA Handrail System personalised to meet your needs

Chameleon Design was commissioned to redesign a garden for the use of a wheelchair-bound young man, who suffered a severe brain injury in a road traffic accident.

The existing garden was bland, uninviting, and inaccessible without assistance and contained a ramp that was too steep for the client’s wheelchair.

Taking the brief from our client’s carers, we designed a garden that closely matched his requirements and abilities, for the present and the future.

The garden included a sheltered outdoor building for privacy, wildlife-friendly features to create movement and interest, lots of colours, and seasonal changes in the planting and outdoor space for physio.

Everybody at Kee Systems was contended to play their part in this disability handrail project, ensuring to give a young man the freedom to enjoy his garden.

The project

Under the terms of the Equality Act, reasonable adjustments need to be made to public and commercial establishments to overcome physical barriers which prevent disabled access.

For many years, Kee Systems has designed and supplied disability access (DDA) handrail both commercially and domestically, to ensure everyone has the same level of access no matter their impairment.

Kee Systems also offers colour coating service – our fittings can be powder coated in all RAL colours. Polyester powder coating is recognised as suiting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

It all had to be safe and accessible for wheelchair use as well as for individuals with ambulant disabilities, without looking too institutional; a very inspirational commission for us at Kee Systems!

An important part of the brief was to have handrails on both sides of all paths, to encourage our client to start to walk independently, and gain confidence.

Our client responds well to bright colours, so the use of a number of different RAL colours for the
uprights was agreed, turning the handrail into a more decorative sculptural element, rather than
being purely functional.

The result

Build quality was critical, as trip hazards had to be avoided! All structures had to be strong and stable and Kee Access provided all of the above.

Using Kee Access has enabled all involved to create a garden that will make a real difference to our client’s future.

He now has a beautiful, stimulating and safe space to enjoy along with his parents and cares.

We were the main contractor on the project and worked
with Kee Systems to deliver the handrail element of the

“As fellow contractors, we were very impressed by their level of organisation, communication and ability to construct the curved handrail to suit the design requirements of the project”

“We have been even more impressed with their installation
and desire to work through the challenges a project of this
nature presents. First class all round. If the need arises we shall be making contact to work with them again.”

“Thank you Kee Systems and Martin Bunn”

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