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Case Study - Thames Water

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Bryen & Langley are a highly experienced construction company with an excellent reputation for adopting a professional approach to challenging and interesting projects.

They contacted Kee Systems for an urgent DDA Handrail system, for Thames Water, a large private utility company based in Ashford, responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in most of Greater London, Luton, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, north Wiltshire, far west Kent, and some other parts of England.

Bryen & Langley were on a tight deadline, and had only two weeks’ remaining to complete the project on site. They contacted Kee Systems due to their quick powder coating lead time, enabling them to complete the DDA Handrail within the short time frame.

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Kee Klamp Access Dda Handrail Dda Handrail Before

DDA handrail installed photos

Kee Klamp Access Kee Klamp Access

Why Kee Klamp Access fittings?

Kee Klamp Access fittings are used to create safety smooth continuous handrails and barriers compliant with the Equality Act.

Under the term of the Equality Act, reasonable adjustments need to be made to public and commercial establishments to overcome physical barriers which impede disabled access. The Building Regulations recommend outside diameter tube size for installations of between 40mm – 45mm and must have a smooth and continuous, uninterrupted handrail.

Why powder coating is better than painting?

Powder coating is a surface finish which is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder.  The powder used is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface and then heat cured to create a hard finish which is tougher than paint.

It provides a durable finish that is chip, scratch and fade resistant and available in virtually any RAL colour.  It is also environmentally friendly as, unlike many liquid paints, there are no solvents or VOCs to damage the environment during application.

The Equality Act and Building Regulations Part M  requires reasonable adjustments to be made in relation to accessibility. Powder coating provides colour contrasting surface, not cold to touch.

Kee Klamp Access Ral Colours Dda Handrail

Kee Systems offers the most extensive range of tubular fittings

Kee Systems is the UK’s largest distributer of Kee Safety’s extensive range of fittings, galvanised cast iron or aluminium, to enable the construction of safe and versatile barrier and handrail solutions including DDA Hand railing.

Kee Klamp Access fittings are cast iron clamps, developed to help satisfy the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

Features & Benefits

  • Meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and Building Regulation Approved Document M
  • Combining 42.2mm handrail with 48.3mm uprights ensures a rigid, sturdy installation
  • Add-on components allow non-compliant systems to be upgraded
  • Available in all RAL colours to contrast with the surroundings
  • A flexible system that can accommodate on-site variations
  • Cost effective to install – welding, threading, or bolting required

Meet the highest DDA standards with Kee Access Ramps

If you want to be sure to meet all DDA local standards when accessing and exiting your buildings, Kee Access Ramps are the perfect solution for you. A Kee Access Ramp is a modular accessibility ramp that has been developed to meet all UK and international disability standards. With Kee Access Ramps, businesses and homes are fully accessible for everyone.

Kee Access Ramp Kee Access

Features & Benefits

  • Conforms to the regulatory requirements of Building Regs. Part M for DDA compliance
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1562
  • Made of galvanized cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Kee Klamp pipe fittings are galvanized to BS 729 (ISO 1461) and ASTM A153 which can last for over 30 years.
  • BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) steel tubes
  • Components are TÜV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency.
  • Robust quality inspection procedure conforming to ISO 9001
  • Kee Access® modular ramp requires minimal maintenance – Kee Access® is made from galvanised steel. This protective coating prevents rust and kills moss.
  • A simple ramp can be fitted within a day, so it is very easy and quick to install.


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