Handrails fixed at the Basingstoke Footpath

Hope & Clay (Construction) Ltd contacted Kee Systems asking for assistance in designing a new footpath handrail. It had to meet DDA Regs and also required to be a guardrail at the same time.

After several meetings with Hope and Clay, and going through the design and specifications, it was agreed that we would use Kee Klamp as a Guardrail at 1100mm with weld mesh panels, and Kee Access DDA handrail at approx. 900mm high.


Gallery ImageGallery Image Alt
Dsc00307.JpgHandrails and guardrails
Dsc00306.JpgGuardrails with weld mesh panels
Dsc00300.JpgGuardrail and DDA handrail
Dsc00319.JpgDDA Handrail
Dsc00316.JpgDDa handrails
Dsc00298.JpgHandrails and guardrails


Kee Systems has recently designed, supplied and installed guardrails and DDA handrails at the Basingstoke footpath.

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