Case Studies

Kee Guard for the Commercial Industry

A roof guardrail is essential for the protection of your workers, site inspectors, and maintenance staff. Kee Systems provides safe access to multiple commercial buildings across the country.

The Project: Providing a Permanent Safe Access Solution

Kee Systems were contacted through our website for a design to provide safe access and means of working for the roof and a site survey with the project team was arranged.

The survey involved layout details, worker requirements, overall measurements, loading details, and budget.

The original architectural design had the guardrail extending a further 30 LM across the roof.

However, after discussing with the project manager which parts of the roof were needing access to, Kee Systems value-engineered the design to provide cost savings to the customer. 

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The Solution: Kee Guard

After submitting the proposal, the approval process was quick as the design was approved by the client, we received the PO for the Kee Guard the day after we attended the site survey. 

Kee Systems stock large volumes of Kee Guard so the materials were readily available, and the installation was booked in for the following week. 

The installation was completed shortly after, meeting the client’s deadlines and allowing the roof to be accessed safely for the maintenance of the PV panels. 

Benefits to the Customer

  • Kee Systems provided expert advice and value engineered the design to provide the customer with cost savings without compromising on the quality and safety. 


  • We had a 2 weeks turnaround from the original enquiry to the completion of installation, allowing the maintenance of the PV panels to be completed without delay. 


  • Kee Systems were able to get the materials to the roof and complete the installation without causing interruption to the daily operations of the building and its workers. 

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Kee Systems Products Used:

Kee Guard (roof edge protection system)


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