Kee Guard Premium for a Solar Energy Solutions Company

The project: a permanent safe access solutions

When a leading renewable solar energy solutions company in UK needed a permanent safe access solution, Kee Systems designed a system that would allow enough room for all PV panels to fit on the roof and leave a workable gap between the guardrail and the PV Panel for workers to walk and access.

The Solution: Kee Guard Premium

After working with the project manager, the decision was made to go with Kee Guard Premium to allow as much space as possible on the roof for the PV Panels.


A wind calculation was produced from the survey and the guardrail required uprights every 2.5 m due to the windy environment in the south coast.

Kee Guard Premium

Customer’s benefits

The compact design of the Kee Guard Premium base allows for maximum space-saving, which makes it ideal for narrow spaces or if trip hazards are concern.

The guardrail is fully compliant to BS 13700 providing the client with assurance that the system is designed to the right standard, providing peace of mind.

The guardrail provided safe method of working for the PV installers and for any future workers that require to maintain the panels or gain access to the roof.

Kee Guard Premium Kee Guard Premium Kee Guard Premium For A Solar Energy Solutions Company

Kee Systems Products used:

Kee Guard Premium

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