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Kee Klamp Handrail with Weld Mesh Panels for the Education Sector

Kee Systems, the leading provider of Kee Klamp key clamp handrail systems in the UK, has been serving the education sector for over 30 years with a strong commitment to safety and quality.



The Project: Installing Guardrails with Mesh Panels

Recently, Kee Systems undertook a site survey for a school in Northolt to install Kee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panels, focusing on ensuring the safety of children and identifying potential hazards.

The survey process involved thorough planning and design adjustments to create a solution that not only met safety standards but also enhanced the visual appeal of the school environment.

After multiple iterations, Kee Systems successfully developed a design that combined functionality with aesthetics, ultimately satisfying the client’s requirements.


Kee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panelsKee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panels

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The Solution: Kee Klamp with Weld Mesh Panels

Following the completion of the survey, Kee Systems presented their findings and recommendations to the client, highlighting the benefits of using Kee Klamp handrails with Weld Mesh panels.

The proposed solution emphasized the durability and effectiveness of the system in protecting children from falls and other risks, providing the client with a comprehensive understanding of the safety measures to be implemented.

Through continuous communication and engagement with the Director of the school, Kee Systems demonstrated their dedication to providing exceptional service and support.

The client, impressed by the professionalism and expertise exhibited by Kee Systems, proceeded to issue an order for the installation of the Kee Klamp handrail with Weld Mesh panels, recognizing the company’s commitment to health and safety.

Kee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panelsKee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panels

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Customer's benefits

Throughout the sales process, Kee Systems offered comprehensive solutions and valuable advice, ensuring that the client felt confident in their decision to partner with a company that prioritizes safety and security.

The Kee Klamp system, known for its longevity and resilience in harsh environments, is designed to withstand the test of time while providing reliable protection for children against potential hazards.

The components of the Kee Klamp system undergo a meticulous hot dip galvanization process to meet industry standards ( BS EN 1562 & BS EN 1563.) and TUV approval, ensuring that the handrails are not only durable and robust but also resistant to corrosion and wear.

This quality assurance guarantees the longevity and effectiveness of the system, making it an ideal choice for schools looking to enhance safety measures within their premises.

By choosing Kee Systems as their partner, the school in Northolt was able to improve the safety standards within its facilities while also elevating the overall aesthetics of the environment.

The installation of Kee Klamp handrails with Weld Mesh panels not only met regulatory requirements for child safety but also added a touch of sophistication and modernity to the school’s infrastructure.

In conclusion, Kee Systems’ dedication to excellence, innovation, and safety was evident throughout the project at the school in Northolt.

By providing tailored solutions, expert guidance, and high-quality products, Kee Systems continues to be a trusted partner for educational institutions seeking to create secure and welcoming environments for students.

The successful implementation of the Kee Klamp handrail system is a testament to Kee Systems’ commitment to ensuring the well-being and protection of children in educational settings.

Kee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panlesKee Klamp handrail with weld mesh panles

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