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Kee Systems and the NHS – Kee Klamp Safety Barrier

Kee Systems and the health sector have a long outstanding relationship, providing safe access to multiple NHS trusts across the country, so when a hospital in Greater London required a safe access solution, Kee Systems was the first choice.

The Project: Providing a Safety Barrier to the new disabled car park

Kee Systems were contacted through our website for a design to provide a safety barrier to the new disabled car park and a site survey with the project team was arranged.

The survey involved initial fixing details, overall measurements, loading details and colour of the guardrail.

The original architectural design had the upright posts being side fixed into the brickwork. Kee Systems preferred method of installation into brickwork is always core drilled so a design change was suggested.

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The Solution: Kee Klamp Guardrail polyester powder coated

After several conversations with the project manager, it was agreed to provide 2 designs for the trust. One for core drilled upright posts and one for side fixed using 265-8.

After submitting the proposal, the approval process was quick as the design was approved.

Materials were quickly sent off to our approved Powder coaters and the installation was booked in within weeks of receiving the order.

The installation was completed shortly after, meeting the client’s deadlines and allowing the disabled car park to be fully functional providing much needed car spaces for those who most need it.

Benefits to the Customer

Kee Systems provided expert advice and industry best practice throughout the sales process.

The Kee Klamp Key Clamp provided a quick and easy installation that didn’t delay the rest of their construction project. 70 LM of Kee Klamp with 50 upright posts being core drilled in 3 days.

The Kee Klamp Key Clamp guardrail was polyester powder coated to match the existing handrail on site which has been in situ since the 70’s.

The guardrail provided safe access and fall protection from the car park down to the lower walkway.

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Kee Systems Products Used:

Kee Klamp Guardrail System


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