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Kee Klamp Safety Barriers & Bespoke Kee Gate in Bristol

A prominent manufacturing facility in Bristol recently embarked on a critical safety project to protect its personnel and enhance access control within its premises.

Phase 1: Identifying Safety Needs

The facility collaborated with Kee Systems, a renowned safety solutions provider, to install Kee Klamp Safety Barriers in the Furness department. Additionally, Kee Systems undertook the challenge of redesigning a bespoke sliding gate in the wax department. This was to ensure secure separation of personnel from the Wax X-ray room and provide a safe gate operation. This case study delves into the successful implementation of the Kee Klamp Safety Barriers and Bespoke Kee Gate, highlighting the benefits they brought to the manufacturing facility.

The manufacturing facility’s furness department posed potential safety risks to personnel, necessitating a reliable barrier system to protect them from accidents and falls. Kee Systems’ safety experts collaborated closely with the facility’s safety team to assess specific safety requirements and challenges in the furness department.

The Primary Objectives of Phase 1 Were:

  • To enhance personnel safety in the furness department by implementing robust safety barriers
  • To design a customized access control solution for the wax department that ensures secure separation of  personnel from the Wax X-ray room.

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Phase 2: Implementing Kee Klamp Safety Barriers

Kee Systems’ Kee Klamp Safety Barriers proved to be the ideal solution for meeting the facility’s safety needs in the furness department. The modular and versatile design of Kee Klamp® allowed for customizing the barriers to fit the precise specifications of the area, ensuring maximum protection for personnel.

Kee Klamp Safety Barriers Proved Beneficial:

Comprehensive Personnel Protection: The facility’s personnel were assured of their safety while working in and around the furness department. The robust Kee Klamp Barriers acted as a reliable shield against potential hazards, providing peace of mind to the workforce.

Durability and Corrosion Resistance: The galvanized steel components of Kee Klamp Safety Barriers offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for the demanding industrial environment. The barriers were designed to withstand time, requiring minimal maintenance.

Compliance with Safety Standards: The installation of Kee Klamp Safety Barriers ensured that the facility complied with relevant safety regulations and standards, underscoring the company’s commitment to safety and employee well-being.

Phase 3: Designing the Bespoke Kee Gate®

The wax department required a bespoke sliding gate that would separate personnel from the Wax X-ray room, ensuring safety and secure access control. Kee Systems’ engineering team collaborated with the facility’s operational experts to understand their specific needs and workflow requirements.

The Bespoke Kee Gate® Delivered Several Benefits:

Enhanced Access Control: The bespoke Kee Gate effectively separated personnel from the Wax Xray room, ensuring that only authorized individuals could access the restricted area. This optimized access control and reduced the risk of unauthorized entry.

Smooth and Safe Operation: The sliding mechanism of the bespoke Kee Gate was engineered for seamless operation, making it easy to open and close without any hindrance. The gate’s design prioritized safety, minimizing the risk of accidents during operation.

Improved Workflow Efficiency: The efficient operation of the bespoke Kee Gate streamlined workflow processes in the wax department. Authorized personnel could access the Wax Xray room with ease, contributing to increased productivity and reduced downtime.


The successful implementation of Kee Klamp Safety Barriers and the bespoke Kee Gate at the Bristol manufacturing facility significantly enhanced safety measures and access control. The Kee Klamp Safety Barriers provided the facility’s personnel with peace of mind, knowing they were fully protected while working in the furness department.

The bespoke Kee Gate effectively separated personnel from the Wax X-ray room, ensuring secure access control and smooth gate operation. The collaboration between Kee Systems and the facility’s safety and operational experts ensured a customized and efficient safety solution.

By partnering with Kee Systems, the manufacturing facility demonstrated their commitment to providing a safe and secure working environment for their workforce. The installation of Kee Klamp Safety Barriers and the bespoke Kee Gate showcased the effectiveness of innovative safety solutions in industrial settings, positioning Kee Systems as a trusted partner in enhancing workplace safety. To discuss your project, call us today on 02080384546 or email

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