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Kee Klamp® Fittings in just a few clicks

Construction companies don’t usually need technical help, just a quick and easy way to buy high-quality fittings and tubes for their projects.

Kee Klamp provides the most versatile solution for safety railing, handrails, guardrails, and barriers. They’re easy to use, you just need a hex key.

They come in seven sizes to fit different tube diameters. The fittings are iron castings made to EN 1562 & 1563 standards.

Seamless Customer Experience Guaranteed

On our website, BD Construction Services ordered Kee Klamp fittings and tubes for Milton Keynes College in Leadhenall.

Kee Klamp Galvanised Fittings | Buy Online Direct From Kee Systems

With our easy customer journey, every fitting has a numerical code reference that specifies the type of fitting and the pipe size it can receive.

The first number following the dash (-) identifies the type of KEE KLAMP fitting.

The single digit following the dash (-) identifies the type of KEE KLAMP fitting.

A single digit, following the dash, defines tube size.

Two single digits after the dash indicate that the fitting is designed to receive two sizes of tubes.

With a few clicks, the customers ordered different fittings, just adding the desired quantities next to the desired size.

Kee Klamp®Fittings In Just A Few Clicks     Multiple Sizes -This part is capable of joining

tubes of  different dimensions

Kee Klamp


Next-day delivery:
In order to take advantage of our Order Ahead service or next-day delivery, we need your order by noon for the order to be processed and ready to ship. Any orders received on a Friday before noon will be delivered the following Monday.

A Versatile Solution For All

Kee Klamp components offer the most versatile building solution for safety railings, handrails, guardrails, and barriers. We offer a comprehensive range of galvanised malleable fittings in the Kee Klamp range.

With Kee Klamp Railing Systems people can be separated from hazards in a strong and durable way; they are more resistant to corrosion and can last a lot longer than fabricated barriers and handrails.

Fast, cost-effective, no welding required, and easy to order online!

Kee Klamp


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