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Kee Access Ramp for the NHS

Kee Systems Installed a Kee Access Ramp to suit client specifications at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

The Project: Installing Kee Access Ramp

Kee Systems, a renowned provider of modular access solutions, recently completed a project for the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust by installing a Kee Access Ramp at the Bedford Road Clinic

The client’s interest in utilizing a modular ramp was sparked after witnessing a previous successful Kee Access Ramp installation.

Impressed by the modularity and functionality of the ramp, they reached out to Kee Systems to explore the possibility of implementing a similar solution at their own facility.

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The Solution: Kee Access Ramp

The initial phase of the project involved conducting a comprehensive survey of the site to identify and assess any potential obstacles and constraints that needed to be taken into consideration during the design and installation process.

This included measuring the height, width, length, and available space, as well as evaluating any irregular angles or falls in the concrete floor. Of particular importance was a brick wall that needed to be factored into the Kee Access ramp design.

Kee Systems devised a partially wall-fixed section that enabled the GRP landing platform to be securely positioned against the wall without leaving any gaps, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing structure.

Armed with the data gathered from the survey, Kee Systems’ technical team meticulously crafted a 3D design of the ramp, which was subsequently submitted for approval by the NHS Trust.

The design underwent three revisions to ensure that all details were meticulously refined before being presented to the client. The client also specified the use of specific tube lengths and a designated color (RAL 5015) to align with the NHS’s colour scheme, both of which were accommodated by Kee Systems.

Kee Access Ramp3D Design Kee Access Ramp

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Customer's Benefits

One of the key advantages of partnering with Kee Systems for this project was the company’s unwavering commitment to Health & Safety.

Throughout the sales process, Kee Systems provided extensive advice and solutions, instilling confidence in the client that they had chosen a reliable partner who prioritized safety above all else.

The modular construction of the Kee Access Ramp facilitated a swift turnaround from the initial order to the final installation, with the entire process being completed within a mere three weeks.

This marked a significant improvement over traditional timber and concrete ramps in terms of efficiency and speed.

Apart from its rapid installation, the Kee Access Ramp was thoughtfully designed to be visually appealing, blending seamlessly with the clinic’s surroundings and offering a “Built-In” look that enhanced the overall aesthetic of the facility.

Moreover, from a regulatory standpoint, the Kee Access Ramp complied with various industry standards including BS 8300, BS 6180, and Approved Document M Part 2, ensuring that the client remained fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

The installation itself was executed within a span of just two days by a team of two professionals, minimizing any disruptions to the clinic’s daily operations and allowing patients to continue receiving care without interruption during the installation process.

Delivering High-Quality Modular Access Solutions

In summary, Kee Systems’ successful installation of the Kee Access Ramp at the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust’s Bedfort Road Clinic exemplified the company’s expertise in delivering high-quality modular access solutions.

The client reaped the benefits of Kee Systems’ proficiency, rapid turnaround times, and unwavering commitment to safety.

The Kee Access Ramp not only provided a safe and accessible entrance to the clinic but also contributed to enhancing the overall visual appeal of the facility, showcasing Kee Systems’ dedication to excellence in every aspect of the project.


Kee Access RampKee Access Ramp

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Kee Access Ramp

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