Kee Klamp Key Clamp Industrial Clothes Racks

The project: Industrial Clothes racks to store fancy dress costumes

The world’s largest supplier of costumes and accessories for TV, film and theatre required a solution to storing fancy dress costumes for local distributors that was quick in lead time, cost effective, safety compliant and required no skilled labour to utilise.

The Solution: Kee Klamp Key Clamp Clothes Racks

After a site survey in their warehouse in Luton, we submitted the proposal. The Approval process was quick as we received the PO within 1 week.

Kee Systems holds large stocks of the most common fittings. This was crucial to the client as they had a deadline to meet before their shipment came in.


Clothes Racks Clothes Racks

Customer’s benefits

Our industrial-style clothing racks and rails are incredibly sturdy, making them perfect for use in warehouses and in shops.

Kee Klamp  fittings and galvanised steel tube offer extra durability. Custom sizes and designs are available.

Using Kee Klamp Key Clamp fittings over a fabricated system means that the rack can be adapted or reconfigured if any changes were needed in the future.

Clothes Racks Clothes Racks

Kee Systems Products used:

Kee Klamp

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