Pre-assembled Kee Klamp Railing Kits

A manufacturing company required safety railings for its factory. The railing systems needed to be installed quickly as a result of a risk assessment.

They have chosen KWIK KIT Safety Railing Kits. KWIK KIT modules utilise KEE KLAMP fittings and are supplied with 48.3mm o/d tube colour coated in Safety Yellow.

KWIK KIT railing kits arrived at the factory in flat boxes, partially assembled and powder coated in safety yellow colour. Installation was very quick and easy and it was done by a maintenance manager. 

Using KWIK KIT railing kits allowed the company to save both time and money, and to comply with health and safety regulations.

Gallery Image Gallery Image Alt
Kwik_Kit_After.jpg Kwik Kit pre-assembled railing kit
Railing_Kit.jpg Kwik Kit pre-assembled railing kit
Flat_pack_box.jpg Kwik Kit packed in a flat box
Kwik_Kit_Easy_Assembly.jpg Assembling Kwik Kit railing system
Kwik_Kit_Railing.jpg Kwik Kit pre-assembeld railing kit

Safety railings were installed at a factory to protect workplace areas. The safety railing kits had uprights already pre-assembled so installation was done very quickly by the company’s own maintenance team.

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