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Double self closing safety gates

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Our range of spring loaded safety gates has been extended to include Double Self Closing Safety Gates suitable for protecting voids between 1m and 1.8m wide.

As with the single self closing safety gate, the benefit of the Double Self-Closing Safety Gate is that it automatically closes behind the user to provide a compliant barrier, overcoming the problem of the user forgetting to close the gate once they have passed through.

The double self-closing safety gate has been extensively tested to ensure guaranteed performance and longevity and meets the requirements of BS EN 14122 Safety of machinery.  The design features strengthened attachments and more fittings than the single Self closing safety gate to provide guaranteed closure and to overcome the need for a locking mechanism.

Double gates can be easily fitted to existing structures and are available galvanised or powder coated.

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Tue, 09/27/2016 – 18:43

Double Spring Loaded Safety Gates for voids larger than 1m