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Essential Benefits of Online Shopping

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Kee Systems offers an online section for customers that need to buy tubes, fittings, gates , railing kits.

There are many advantages of online shopping:

  1. You are not geographically limited.

It doesn’t matter in which part of UK you are, when you buy online with Kee Systems, you get next day delivery. So, if you need further fittings to finish your project, just browse our website and select what you need and we will deliver everything to your site.

2. Open 24/7

Saving time is one of the major benefits of e-commerce. Customers can order anything you need online.

Online shops are open 24/7, so you can shop any time. The period required to choose, buy, and pay for an online product is 15 minutes or less. Customers benefit from being able to browse and shop whenever they like. If you order heavy products, the delivery person will bring them to your doorstep.

3. Flexible offers

Buying online sometimes can be cheaper. Kee Systems offers different deals when you buy online.

Free delivery when you buy tubes and fittings (over £100)

Bulk discounts on all tubes and fittings up 10%.

Unlimited free cutting: when you complete your order online, just add the cutting instructions and tell us if you need your offcuts.

We Are not Just Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings (aka Key Clamp)

Kee Systems is the UK’s largest & fastest Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings Online store.

But we don’t offer just tubes & fittings online. You can shop different products.

Ground Based Barrier Systems

We offer Railing Kits, “KWIK KIT“, available in nine formats, ready to use.

There is no need to weld or bend tubing and unskilled labour can easily install sections. Pre-assembled uprights not only add to the simplicity but make installations extremely quick to complete, reducing expensive production downtime. Most guardrail configurations can be constructed using a combination of the kits available.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings Kwik_Kit_Railing.jpg

Standard Safety Gates

The KEE GATE range of spring loaded safety gates is a vital part of most railing systems and provides safe protection to openings such as on work platforms, around industrial machinery or as part of demarcation routes in warehouse and logistic centres in addition to providing safe access and egress for ladders, walkways and rooftop guardrails.

Kee Gate Safety Gate

Mezzanine Pallet Gates

The range of KEE GATE pallet gates provides a safe working area for employees on mezzanine floors or raised working areas. The gates are constructed using Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings® Key Clamps (aka Key Clamp) or Kee Lite® fittings and tubes, and can be linked seamlessly into an existing guardrail or barrier to provide complete protection while goods are being transported up or down from the mezzanine.

Pallet gates

The range includes four different models to suit varying types of operational requirements and is lightweight and counter-balanced for ease of operation.

Kee Walk Step Over Kits

The range of modular, off the shelf step-overs have been designed to provide safe access over obstructions such as pipework, plant and equipment and between different levels such as on roofs.  Constructed from Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings, the standard kits provide a safe, anti-slip, level walkway on a variety of roof types and surfaces including concrete, membrane, asphalt and PVC.

Kee Walk 600mm Step Over Kit

Weightanka – Man Anchor

WEIGHTANKA is a non-penetrating, portable, deadweight anchor device designed for use on roofs with up to a 5 degree pitch for temporary or permanent applications where the installation of passive or collective protection, such as guardrails, or permanent anchor devices is not viable.

WEIGHTANKA utilises a central pedestal (attachment point) to raise the height at which the arrest force is applied and so reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall-arrest event.

Weightanka (Dead Weight Anchor)

Steel to Steel Connections: BoxBolt & BeamClamp

BOXBOLT is a fully tested and approved blind fixing solution for connecting in to a steel cavity, whether it be hollow section steelwork or where access is restricted to one side only.

BEAMCLAMP is an extensive range of steel to steel clamping products designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding.


Shopping Online Can Save your Time

Shopping online allows you to buy things in the comfort of your home and you can get electronic record of the receipts of your purchases, which make record-keeping much easier

With Kee Systems you know exactly what you are getting! You can download our catalogues or just have a look at our pages, where we offer a detailed products descriptions, with measurements and images.

If you still have any doubts, you can contact us by email or phone and one of our sales team, will be happy to answer to all your questions!

Don’t wait any further, buy online!