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What are Tube Clamps, Pipes, Fittings, and Connectors and What are They Used for?

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings, also known as tube clamps, key clamps, are used to join pipes and tubes to create structures. These are often used to construct handrails, safety barriers and guardrails.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings are used to build furniture with an industrial look. Many restaurants and shops have used clamps to achieve this trendy look.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings restaurant

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings fittings are very easy to use thanks to their versatility. A hex key is all that is needed to tighten the setscrew and lock the fitting in place.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings offers a strong and durable solution, more resistance to corrosion, in fact they are TÜV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency.

How to Order your Tube Clamps, Pipes, Fittings, and Connectors from Kee Systems for Quick Delivery?

There are different ways to order clamps and tubes from Kee Systems:

We offer exclusive deals when you buy online: free standard delivery for all order above 100£.

Bulk discount available up to 10% on tubes and fittings.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings online

We offer a wide range of Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings. Kee Klamp® Access fittings, designed for DDA Handrail, for a smooth continuous handrail that complies with the requirements of the Equality Act. Kee Lite Aluminium fittings, ideal for harsh environments. Kee Lite fittings are designed to suit BS EN755 tube in size 25, 32, 40 and 50 N.B. The components are extremely durable and strong yet light, weighing only one-third the weight of iron fittings, with about 75% of the comparable tensile strength.

  • London Trade Counter: We have a Trade Counter in the heart of London in SW18 with parking on site. We hold a large stock of the most common fittings, and we offer Click & Collect service and next day delivery. If you wish to take advantage of our Order Ahead Service or require a next day delivery, we must receive your order before Noon for the order to be processed and be ready for despatch. Orders received on a Friday before Noon will be processed for delivery the following Monday.
Trade Counter Kee Systems
  • When you work on bigger, or more complicated projects, Kee Systems can advise you on projects costs and help with specifying products. You can send us a sketch of the structure you are working on, and we will detail all products you need to fulfil your client’s requirements. We offer free site survey.

Do’s & Don’ts Using Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings aka Key Clamp fittings, offer a versatile solution for the construction of structures such as handrails, safety barriers and guardrails. The principle is very effective and simple, proven over the last 80 years in thousands of completed projects across the globe. There are many benefits using Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings:

  • No, welding, so no hot permits are required
  • No threading or bolting so no special tools are required
  • A flexible, system that can accommodate on site variations
  • Cost effective to install; no specialist labour required

But as with any system, there are some simple do’s and don’ts when using clamp fittings in order to ensure that the barrier, handrail or guardrail is installed correctly and fit for purpose.

For example, uprights should be installed into brickwork with a standard fixing depth of 250mm deep and into a 150mm deep cored pocket for concrete applications.  Once the upright is in position, a standard resin Part KF410 should be poured into the pocket.

NEVER bolt the system directly into brickwork and don’t use wall fixings as base fixings.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings remain the best option to enable the construction of safe and versatile barrier and handrail solutions including DDA Handrailing and Kee Systems offers the most extensive range of tubular fittings, in either galvanised cast iron or aluminium,

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