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At Kee Systems we offer over 100 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. This diverse range allows you to create modular structural connections of almost any configuration, on or off-site, without the need for welding or hotworks permits.

Our fittings have been the go-to industry standard in the creation of tubular structures since their conception 80 years ago, thanks to their corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction, making them incredibly durable and perfect for creating handrailing or guard-railing in any climate.

To illustrate the incredible flexibility of our fittings, we have put together a small gallery of just some of our fittings, with an explanation of their use and application.

Hopefully this gallery will demonstrate that whatever your tubular structure needs, Kee Systems offers a fitting to do the job, and do it right.

Type 10 single socket

Type 10 Single Socket Tee

The Type 10 Single Socket Tee is designed to join two pipes together at a 90 degree angle.

This fitting has a socket to receive one pipe, whilst the other pipe slides through the slip-on section perpendicular to the socket.

As there is no interior wall inside the fitting, the pipe already inside the slip-on joint acts as a stop for the pipe going into the socket end. The pipes will butt up against each other, allowing you to simply tighten the set screw.

The Single Socket Tee is one of the most popular fittings and is used in everything from handrailings to desks, tables, bed frames and clothing racks.

The Type 10 Single Socket Tee is also available in split-socket and clamp on style, allowing it to be added to a structure without dismantling it first.

Type 12 45degree SST

Type 12, 45° Single Socket Tee

This fitting allows two pipes to be joined together at a 45° angle. Most commonly, this fitting is used in bracing applications to create triangles and make a structure much stronger.

With the triangle being the strongest shape, it is important to use fittings like the Type 12, 45° Single Socket Tee to strengthen structures which will take weight, move or see a lot of abuse, such as shade structures or loft frames.

Type 14 straight coupling

Type 14 Straight Coupling

This straight fitting is designed to form an inline joint between two pieces of pipe of the same size. Both lengths of pipe should be supported by other fittings on the other end to prevent sagging.

The Type 14 is commonly used in railing applications to join two long sections of pipe together, but we have also seen it used in trade show stands and displays. Alternatively, the internal coupling fitting can be used, connecting two pipes whilst keeping the structure smooth.
Type 15 90degree elbow

Type 15, 90° Elbow Kee Klamp

This fitting allows you to join two lengths of tube together at a 90° angle. Elbows can be used in railing structures to terminate the end of the railing and navigate corners.

It can also be used in other DIY projects including clothing racks, desk frames and even office cubicles.
Type 19 adjustable side outlet tee

Type 19, Adjustable Side Outlet Tee

The function of this fitting is to terminate two lengths of pipe but allow another continuous length of pipe to slide through the opposite direction.

The Type 19 fittings are often used in pairs to form variable angle joints between 90° and 180°.

The Type 19-8 and Type 19-85 fittings are able to make angles between 60° and 180°. This fitting is often used in structures or frames to create a variable degree such as railings and desk frames.

For more information about our fittings, or to get advice on which fitting you need for your project or application, get in touch with our product experts in the office on 0208 874 6566 or via our contact form.


At Kee Systems we offer over 100 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. This diverse range allows you to create modular structural connections of almost any configuration, on or off-site, without the need for welding or hotworks permits.

Kee Klamp Fittings Showcse