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Kee Systems and the rail industry

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Kee Systems has a long history with the rail industry in the UK. Our products have for many years provided safe access to stations across the country for everyone, as well as protection for those working on the tracks.

We are always innovating, and looking to find new ways to improve the safety and efficiency of our rail industry.

We have produced this infographic to show our range of safe access and innovative construction solutions, which are used across the industry.

There are two main areas where Kee Systems provides services and solutions. The first is safe access in the form of our Kee Klamp, Kee Gate and Kee Access systems.

Kee Gate

Spring loaded self closing safety gates are ideal for protecting voids on work platforms, around industrial machinery or as part of demarcation routes, in addition to providing safe access and egress for ladders, walkways and rooftop guardrails. Kee Gates could be used to separate station platforms from access points to the track below.

Spring loaded safety gates are considered the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes when protecting these areas as they automatically close behind a person, overcoming the problem of human error. The safety gate can be retrofitted to existing fixed structures where opening protection is required.

Kee Klamp

Kee Klamp® Key Clamps fittings are a reliable and recognisable mainstay in a wide variety of guardrailing, handrailing and other safe structure applications thanks to its versatility, durability and ease of use.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamps fittings remove the need for any welding or hot-works on site, installed using a standard hex key, with each product incorporating an integral set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube.

Kee Access

Kee Access® is designed to meet the needs of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act, now the Equality Act) and gives a smooth handrail with size 7 tube with an outside diameter of 42.4mm. The fittings can be powder coated in a choice of RAL colours to meet the visibility and “not cold to the touch” requirements of the DDA.

The Kee Access® series provides safe access for all to the railways in the UK without sacrificing the trusted and proven protective pedigree of the Kee Klamp® Key Clamps range.

The other type of solution we provide comes in the form of innovative building solutions, such as our steel-to-steel connections.

BoxBolt and BeamClamp

BeamClamp is an engineered clamping solution that provides a way to connect steel together without the need for on site drilling or welding. The system uses a series of individual components to provide a bespoke connection that is fully guaranteed and approved by third party organisations.

The BeamClamp system provides a connection that can be both permanent or temporary and allows for on site adjustment. It is ideal for secondary steel connections and avoids the need to drill or weld on site.

BoxBolt is a fully tested and approved blind connection solution for connecting to hollow section steel or where access is restricted to one side only. The BoxBolt is suitable for use with rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections. The BoxBolt features a hexagon head design to aid installation with a standard wrench for when installation time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

BeamClamp and BoxBolt allow steel connections to be made with the minimum amount of disruption to normal operations and reduces the risk of injury to passengers that can be caused by hot work such as drilling or welding. Specific uses could include:

  • Connection of overhead catenary for trains and tram
  • Supports for travel information screens
  • Securing of shielding for construction work
  • Hanging of pipework and cables
  • Connection of tannoy systems
  • Securing of support brackets for glass facades
  • Connection of guard railing for queuing systems
  • Connection of edge protection in dangerous situations
  • Hanging of walkways / Securing of grating to walkways
  • Securing of brackets for baggage conveyor systems

For more information about any of our products and services, call us on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.

Kee Systems has a long history with the rail industry in the UK. Our products have for many years provided safe access to stations across the country for everyone, as well as protection for those working on the tracks.