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Keeping pedestrians and vehicles separate

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On sites where there is regular vehicle traffic, such as warehouses, loading bays, busy yards or logistics centres, pedestrians and vehicles must have a traffic route available which they can use without the risk of causing danger to the health and safety of people working nearby.

Workplace transport incidents due to a lax attitude towards separation of vehicles and workers are the third highest cause of workplace fatalities, despite these accidents being easy to prevent with the implementation of simple control measures.

One of the most effective – and simplest – ways to keep pedestrians and vehicles separate is through the use of protective barriers and guardrails, such as the Kee Klamp® Key Clamps and Kee Lite® systems offered by Kee Systems.

These barriers can provide a safe route within an area where vehicles are working, or even completely prevent access to a specific area. These systems are hugely flexible and the modular form allows the design of the system to accommodate changes in angles as well as different levels.

The spring loaded self closing safety gates allow this protection to continue whilst providing easy access into the area when necessary, and also makes users fully aware when they leave or enter a dangerous area.

All barrier systems are available in high visibility ‘safety yellow’ powder coating, but can be powder coated in any colour you require. If the railing is struck and damaged by a passing vehicle, the modular design allows for the affected section to be easily removed and replaced.

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Why it is vital to keep pedestrians and vehicles separate in busy, dangerous areas such as factories and yards.