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Loft Crawl Board to Prevent Falls from Height

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Working in a loft space falls under the category of working at height according to the Working at Height Safety Directive. This is especially true if there is a stairwell below with a significant distance to fall.

Accidents can easily occur when accessing and navigating a loft space, whether it be going up or down or simply moving around. It is common for individuals to mistakenly believe that the ceiling in a loft is sturdy and safe to walk on, leading to overconfidence and potential accidents.

Loft spaces are now being utilized for various purposes beyond housing pipes and cables. They are ideal locations for installing equipment such as boilers, water storage tanks, shower pumps, extraction fans, and more. Additionally, loft spaces can attract rodents, posing a risk to pest controllers if a safe working area is not provided during their visits.

The maintenance access in loft area

Due to the increasing demand for maintenance access in loft areas, employers are required to provide a safe and accessible working environment for their staff in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and the Working at Height Safety Directive.

Risk assessments play a crucial role in identifying potential dangers associated with working in a loft. Employers and managers must assess these risks and develop a safe system of work. Employees should also assist in assessing risks and comply with the identified system of work. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 further emphasize the importance of proper planning, supervision, and safe execution of work at height.

Loft Crawl Board -CoverSafe Spark

Keeping users safe from fall

When it comes to inspecting attics, hatches, or small commercial spaces, it is crucial to have adaptable technology for ensuring safety.

The CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board fits this requirement perfectly as it is flexible, portable, and lightweight, simplifying the implementation of workplace safety measures. This insulated loft mat is perfect for various types of loft work, including Plumbing, Electrical work, Pest Control .

This mat acts as a working platform, keeping users safe from falls while they perform their maintenance and repairs tasks.

Kee Systems sells the CoverSafe Spark comes with a carry case with straps for and tools. It can easily be taken through single doorways and up typical stairways. It can be transported to the site in a van or in the boot of most cars. The mat can be manually handled by one person to the access points.

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