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Job Vacancy - Sales Support Coordinator

2 January 2020

We're looking for a Sales Support Coordinator.  This is an exciting new opportunity to be part of our expanding Sales Team.

Common Safety Barrier Installation Mistakes

5 November 2019

Our General Manager, Christian King, discusses some common problems we come across when safety barriers have been installed by 3rd parties.

Works assistant based in Earlsfield

We’re Hiring - Works Assistant

3 October 2019

We have a vacancy for a Works Assistant to join our busy but friendly Workshop Team

Video: Kee Systems and the NHS

27 September 2019

Kee Systems has been working with the NHS for decades, providing safe access and work at height solutions for hospitals and clinics across the UK.

Why use BoxBolt® to make steel connections?

28 August 2019

BoxBolt® is the ideal solution for connecting into hollow sections of steel, or sections where access is restricted to one side.

Industrial safety gates: which is best for you?

1 August 2019

Self closing safety gates are a far superior solution to bars and chains when protecting voids for access and egress. But which gate is best for your needs?

Protecting against the dangers of fragile industrial roofs

3 July 2019

Fragile roofs pose a serious risk to both life and limb throughout the UK, with nine people falling to their deaths each year.

Common on older or industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories, fragile roofs come in many different types, and it may not always be obvious that a roof is fragile at first glance.

Improving access for everyone

5 June 2019

The lack of access into commercial and public buildings is still a key issue affecting disabled people in the UK. What can we do to change that?

Kee Systems on Stand L3 at Rail Live

Come and see us at Rail Live

11 May 2019

Kee Systems will be exhibiting on Stand L3 at Rail Live 19-20 June

Is your handrail up to scratch?

8 May 2019

Kee Klamp fittings have been an enduring mainstay of the handrail and barrier market for decades thanks to their simplistic but durable nature, but third party installation or modification can create a serious problem.

Kee Klamp®: beyond handrails

9 April 2019

The uses of Kee Klamp® go way beyond handrailing, and in this blog we’ll take a look at some of the more ingenious uses for fittings that we’ve seen.

We’re Hiring - Sales Support Coordinator

28 March 2019

Do you want to join one of the UK's leading safety barrier and handrail companies and be part of its continued expansion?

We are looking to strengthen our Sales Department by appointing a proactive Sales Support Coordinator.

The dangers of modern warehouses and how to avoid them

11 March 2019

Even with a careful, competent and trained workforce, warehouses and logistics centres can be incredibly dangerous for both employees and visitors.

By adopting high-visibility jacket and demarcated path policies, most risks to life and limb can be minimised, but there are still many dangers lurking in between the stacks and loading bays which could cause harm, and require a dedicated solution to negate.

The ultimate wall cladding fixing solution

12 February 2019

Adding wall cladding to steel framed buildings can be expensive, often making up a staggering quarter of the total cost. It may not come as a surprise then that aesthetic considerations rank as highly as functional performance for architects and specifiers.

Video: Kee Systems ensures rooflight safety for Porcelanosa

16 January 2019

Kee Systems provided extensive fragile roof safety solutions for tile manufacturer Porcelanosa's UK sites.

Christmas 2018 Closure Dates

18 December 2018

We will be closed over Christmas and New Year, so if you need to make a purchase or would like to place an order for the New Year, your last opportunity is midday on Thursday 20th December..

HSE fatalities rise in 2018

18 December 2018

Provisional figures from the Health and Safety Executive have revealed that 144 people were killed at work between 2017 and 2018, slightly up from the prior year.

Keeping railway workers safe

20 November 2018

Britain’s railways are a vital part of everyday life, transporting freight across the country, and getting millions of passengers to where they need to go every single day of the week.

The railway system forms a backbone to the entire country, but it is also incredibly dangerous, and presents a great risk to life and limb if proper safety precautions aren’t put in place, and followed to the letter.

Steel to Steel Connections: BeamClamp® v Traditional Methods

23 October 2018

BeamClamp® is an innovative and alternative solution to making steel connections.

In situations where you might usually resort to welding, drilling or bolting to make connections, we believe BeamClamp could be easier, cheaper and more efficient.

BeamClamp: features and benefits

25 September 2018

The Kee Systems BeamClamp system is an engineered clamping solution which allows the connection of steel without onsite drilling or welding.

Steel to Steel Connections: BoxBolt vs Traditional Methods

28 August 2018

The BoxBolt® blind fixing solution is an alternative to traditional steel to steel fixing methods which could help you to make major savings on both cost and design time.

Full height self closing safety gate

New Full Height Gates for Safe Access from Ladders

27 August 2018

Full height spring loaded safety gates have been added to the Kee Gate portfolio of self-closing safety gates. These gates are ideal for protecting voids on ladders, stairs and roof hatches.

BoxBolt fast and cost effective steel connections

Benefits of BoxBolt v Tapping and Welding

1 August 2018

When you calculate the costs that go into making a steel connection, systems such as the CE accredited BoxBolt® are proving to be more beneficial than traditional methods such as tapping and welding as installation speed and labour costs are vastly reduced.  But those are not the only benefits, a BoxBolt® connection is guaranteed and is also approved by a number of approval bodies.

Kee Systems and the rail industry

3 July 2018

Kee Systems has a long history with the rail industry in the UK. Our products have for many years provided safe access to stations across the country for everyone, as well as protection for those working on the tracks.

Video: Kee Systems and Team Firefly Racing prepare for a new season

6 June 2018

In 2016 Team Firefly approached Kee Systems for assistance with their Greenpower IET Formular 24 racing project. The partnership saw them storm to a fantastic place in 2017. Now, they are gearing up for the 2018 season, with our help once again!

Pallet gates from Kee Systems

22 May 2018

Our Pallet Gates help ensure safe movement of goods on mezzanines and between levels, and make it possible to take advantage of often-ignored mezzanine space. See how easy the gates are to install with our new video!

Kee Klamp fittings in harsh environments

9 May 2018

Once installed, it is vital guardrails and handrails continue to offer the highest level of safety, and the best way to ensure this is by using the highest quality components. In areas where climate or weather is harsh, the probability of handrails failing increases dramatically, especially when the rails themselves are of the fabricated type.

BoxBolt range of blind fixings are CE accredited

BoxBolt® blind fixing solutions given CE accreditation

17 April 2018

The range of BoxBolt® blind fixing solutions has received CE markings, demonstrating their high quality and effectiveness. 

Safe access and maintenance with Kee Step-Overs

11 April 2018

Many of today’s roofs contain a variety of trip hazards and changes in roof level, making safe access difficult, if not impossible. This can seriously increase the risk of working at height, in the form of injury or even death.

Kee Systems Stand C10 Infrarail

Come and see us at Infrarail

22 March 2018

Come and visit us on Stand C10 at this year's Infrarail,1st-3rd May Excel, London where we will be demonstrating our Kee Klamp and Kee Access safety barriers and handrails and BoxBolt and BeamClamp steel to steel connections.

Three more uses for steel to steel connections

14 March 2018

When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our Beamclamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.

BoxBolt and Beamclamp: The steel to steel connection solutions

15 February 2018

When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our BeamClamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.

Christmas closure dates

18 December 2017

When do we close our doors for Christmas?

‘Elf and Safety Myths Debunked

14 December 2017

We take a look at some of the most popular ‘elf and safety myths that appear around this time of year, so the next time you hear them pop up, you’ll know the real story!

Sector Spotlight: Highways

30 November 2017

Kee Fittings have become a mainstay in the highways market, offering safety not only for pedestrians, but also for road maintenance and construction personnel.

Kee Systems and DDA compliance

15 November 2017

We want to make sure everyone can access the railway when necessary, and to that end we supply and install the DDA-compliant Kee Access® system.

Take advantage of mezzanine space with our pallet gates

7 November 2017

Our Pallet Gates help ensure safe movement of goods on mezzanines and between levels, and make it possible to take advantage of often-ignored mezzanine space.

School storms to racing success with the help of Kee Systems

18 October 2017

A partnership between Kee Systems and a local school has led to a fantastic performance in a national racing competition.

Kee Klamp Fittings Showcase: Part Two

4 October 2017

Kee Systems provides over 100 different Kee Klamp® pipe fittings, with this diverse range allowing for the creation and construction of modular structures of almost any configuration, on and off site, without welding.

The Kee Klamp® slope fittings solution

20 September 2017

Our Kee Klamp®  slope and stair fittings are perfect for installation of handrails on steeper gradients, and offer builders and specifiers an aesthetically pleasing option.

Important update to our self closing Kee Gate range

6 September 2017

The design of our self-closing Kee Gate range has been modified to meet the requirements of the updated BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 Safety of Machinery - Permanent Means of Access to Machinery  - part 3: Stairs, Stepladders and Guard-rails standard.

Kee Klamp Fittings Showcse

Kee Klamp Fittings Showcase

23 August 2017

At Kee Systems we offer over 100 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. This diverse range allows you to create modular structural connections of almost any configuration, on or off-site, without the need for welding or hotworks permits.

How we specify our Kee Klamp fittings

9 August 2017

To meet the requirements of the numerous applications for which Kee Klamp® can be used, we offer many different kinds of fittings, which make the modular system flexible and adaptable. But how do we specify those fittings?

The many applications of Kee Fittings

26 July 2017

From its humble beginnings, Kee Klamp® has evolved to become the ideal option for tubular structures across the globe. Today, Kee Klamp® fittings are a reliable and recognisable mainstay in the safety world.

Kee Systems at Railtex 2017

9 July 2017

Business Development Manager for ground-based systems Neil Wright was at Railtex to share Kee Systems' solutions for a safer rail network.

Mesh or toe boards: what you need and when

28 June 2017

It's a question we get asked all the time - do I need a toe board or mesh infill/panelling for my guardrail system to be compliant?

Beat the heat: construction workers make up almost half of all workplace UV exposure deaths

18 June 2017

With the latest shocking new skin cancer figures for construction workers in mind, we have put together some simple tips to help you stay safe in the sun.

Keeping pedestrians and vehicles separate in busy areas

16 June 2017

Why it is vital to keep pedestrians and vehicles separate in busy, dangerous areas such as factories and yards.

Our South London trade counter is still going strong!

1 June 2017

Our Wandsworth trade counter has product experts on hand to help with advice, last minute orders and bespoke order requests.

Why galvanise fittings

Why do we galvanise our fittings?

16 May 2017

Find out more about our 'hot dip' galvanised fittings, and learn how it provides a stronger, longer lasting product.

Kee Systems: seventy years of making the railway network safer

9 May 2017

A short video created specifically for May's Railtex exhibition at the NEC, showcasing all the great work Kee Systems has done with the railway network over the last seven decades.

Kee Systems will be at Railtex in May

19 April 2017

Come and see us at stand UO3 at the NEC from the 9th to 11th of May.

Kee Systems DDA compliant handrails

5 April 2017

The Equality Act requires reasonable adjustments be made to public and commercial establishments to avoid and overcome physical barriers preventing disabled access. Over the years, Kee Systems has provided many DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant handrail solutions, helping companies comply with the act’s requirements.

Galvanised Kee Fittings v Fabricated

23 March 2017

You need to be sure that once installed, guardrails and handrails continue to offer the highest level of safety.  Fabricated handrails are prone to rust so the best way to ensure continued performance is by using the highest quality components such as Kee Klamp or Kee Lite.

Take a look at Kee Systems’ range of slope and stair fittings

12 March 2017

Kee Systems' new range of slope and stair fittings are perfect for installation on steeper gradients and offer builders and specifiers an aesthetically pleasing option.

Kee Klamp safety barriers for the rail industry

On track for a safer rail network

27 February 2017

We recently provided a safety solution involving Kee Klamp safety barriers for pedestrians and maintenance teams along the new East West Railway into London from Bicester and Oxford.

Kee Systems at Railtex Stand UO3

Come and see us at Railtex, NEC

19 January 2017

Come and visit us on Stand UO3 at Railtex, NEC, 9-11th May 2016

£800k fine after track worker almost loses arm to train

11 January 2017

The recent prosecution of Network Rail after a worker was injured working trackside emphasises the importance of ensuring maintenance and engineering teams are adequately protected when working trackside.

Merry Christmas from Kee Systems

Christmas Delivery and Opening Times

12 December 2016

Important dates for the Christmas period

Powder coated Kee Access Handrails

Aesthetically Pleasing Kee Access Handrails

6 December 2016

Powder coated Kee Access handrails can provide both aesthetically pleasing and functional handrails

New Kee Klamp Slope Fittings

How to use new Kee Klamp slope fittings

30 November 2016

Our short guide showing how you can construct handrails on inclines greater than 30° using the new range of Kee Klamp slope fittings.

Kee Gate Pallet Gates

Kee Gate range of Pallet Gates

23 November 2016

Animated video showing how each of the Kee Gate Pallet Gates operates

Pallet Gates

Introducing our new range of Pallet Gates

16 November 2016

Our new range of Pallet Gates are designed to allow the safe movement of goods between levels in warehouses, loading bays and logistic centres

unguarded loading bay platform

Wholesaler fined for fatal fall

8 November 2016

The recent case of a DIY wholesaler prosecuted following the death of a worker who fell from an unguarded platform at a warehouse highlights the importance of ensuring workers are protected when loading and unloading pallets.

Double self closing safety gates

The Benefits of Double Self Closing Safety Gates

1 November 2016

Our latest video shows examples of how and where double self closing safety gates can be used.

Safety gates for warehouses

Safety is Kee for Separating People from Hazards

26 October 2016

Christian King discusses how safety measures such as pallet gates and self closing safety gates can help warehouse managers control potential hazards within warehouses.

Kee Klamp slope fittings

Introducing New Kee Klamp Slope Fittings

17 October 2016

The new range of Kee Klamp® slope fittings enhances the aesthetics of handrails along staircases, and ramps where the slope is greater than 30°. 

Fragile skylight

Serious injury from fragile skylight fall

3 October 2016

An exhibition firma and contractor have  been prosecuted following a skylight fall.

Double self closing safety gates

27 September 2016

Double Spring Loaded Safety Gates for voids larger than 1m

Roof safety for twinings

Roof Safety Solution for Twinings

11 August 2016

We recently provided a comprehensive roof safety solution for Twinings

History of kee klamp and kee systems

The Humble Kee Klamp

24 July 2016

The Humble Kee Klamp is one of the greatest industrial inventions of the 20th century.  Read about the history of Kee Klamp and Kee Systems published in Issue 4 of London Reconnections.

Rail Industry Safety Report

19 July 2016

ORR's Annual Health and Safety Report of Performance of Britain's Railways shows the industry is on the right track for safety.

Workplace fatality statistics

Work related fatalities

14 July 2016

Provisional figures on work related fatalities are slightly up from last year

Chains used for safe access

Chains or safety gates for safe access?

4 July 2016

Self-closing safety gates offer greater benefits than chains when it comes to safe access and egress

Hot dipped galvanised Kee Klamp

Why galvanise fittings

29 June 2016

The benefits of using hot dip galvanised fittings when constructing handrails, safety barriers and guardrails.

Kee Klamp access platforms

Benefits of bespoke access platforms

23 June 2016

Some examples of how bespoke access platforms provide flexible solutions

Badly installed handrails

Poorly installed handrails

13 June 2016

This is what happens when handrails are not installed correctly.

Fittings are better than fabrication for handrails and barriers

Why you should use fittings and not fabricate

6 June 2016

If you're installing a barrier, handrail or even access platform, fittings offer greater benefits than fabrication. 

Kee Access for DDA handrailing at train stations

Simple Steps to Improved Station Access

31 May 2016

Tubes and fittings such as Kee Access can help train stations to improve disabled access.

Infrarail 2016 prize draw

Infrarail Prize Draw Winner

24 May 2016

Alistair Ince from Kee Systems presenting a magnum of champagne to Infrarail prize draw winner, Carillion Rail's Marianna Wotton

Kee Access handrails with perforated panels

Kee Access Handrails for Glenthorne High School

19 May 2016

Powder coated Kee Access handrails with perforated panels have provided a cost effective, safe access solution for Glenthorne High School's new development, The Hub

Kee Klamp for railways

Installation of Kee Klamp for East West Railway

3 May 2016

A presentation of our recent installation of Kee Klamp safety handrails for the East West Railway Project

Self closing safety gate

A step by step guide to installing Kee Gate

25 April 2016

A step by step guide showing how easy it is to install the Kee Gate self closing safety gate.

self closing safety gates for railways

Self closing gates for the rail industry

21 April 2016

Self closing safety gates provide the rail industry with a safety solution for passengers, maintenance staff and engineering teams.

Self closing safety gate

Self Closing Gate Promotional Offer

7 April 2016

Kee Gate Self Closing Safety Gate special offer Only £190 +VAT

Safety at recycling centres

Protecting the pubic at civic amenity centres

31 March 2016

Safety barriers and railings offer a quick and easy solution to protecting the public at civic amenity centres

Fixed ladder safety in line with BS14122

How to prevent falls from fixed ladders

24 March 2016

Why you should install a self closing safety gates on fixed ladders used with machinery.

Protecting the rail industry

70 years protecting the rail industry

17 March 2016

Some examples of how we have worked with the rail industry over the past 70 years.

Kee Systems celebrates its 70th anniversary

Kee Systems Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

11 March 2016

For the past 70 years Kee Systems has been providing solutions for a wide range of sectors

Kee Klamp fittings protecting the rail industry

Helping the rail industry stay on the right track to safety

3 March 2016

A short presentation showing some installations we have carried out on the rail network.

Kee Klamp safety barriers for recycling centre

Tenbury Recycling Centre

22 February 2016

Installation of Kee Klamp safety barriers at Tenbury Recycling Centre by Kee Systems demonstrates the wide range of applications for Kee Klamp when constructing safety barriers

Flexibility of Kee Klamp fittings in constructing parapet safety railings

Demonstrating the versatility of fittings

15 February 2016

Kee Klamp fittings offer a flexible solution when constructing parapet safety railings.

Why fittings are better than fabrication for barrier systems

Fabricating a Nightmare Blog

11 February 2016

Blog by Kee Systems explaining why fittings are better than fabrication for constructing barrier systems

Industrial Spring Loaded Safety Gates

The benefits of spring loaded safety gates

7 January 2016

Industrial spring loaded safety gates are an ideal solution to protecting open voids or for providing safe access and egress to demarcated areas within factories, warehouses and loading bays.

Merry Christmas from Kee Systems

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kee Systems

17 December 2015

We shall be closing at 12pm on Thursday 24th December 2015 for our Christmas Break and will open again on Monday 4th January 2016 at 7.30am.

DDA Compliant Handrail

Helping to provide DDA compliant handrails

2 December 2015

Kee Systems has used the Kee Access® range of fittings in varying applications, designs and colours to ensure safe access for all and compliance with the Equality Act.

segregation of pedestrians from moving vehicles

How to protect pedestrians from moving vehicles

25 November 2015

Why you should provide separate routes for pedestrians and vehicles in the workplace

Bespoke perimeter fencing with Kee Klamp fittings

Kee Klamp fittings provide bespoke fencing at new skate park

16 November 2015

Kee Klamp fittings have provided a bespoke perimeter fence for the new Stansted Skate Park.

Kee Systems providing disabled access

20 Years of Ensuring Disabled Access

9 November 2015

The Disability Discrimination Act is 20 years old this November.  Kee Access fittings from Kee Systems can help ensure compliance with this legislation by providing safe access to buildings for the disabled.