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Kee Klamp Fittings Showcase: Part Two

4 October 2017

Kee Systems provides over 100 different Kee Klamp® pipe fittings, with this diverse range allowing for the creation and construction of modular structures of almost any configuration, on and off site, without welding.

The fittings have been the go-to industry standard for 80 years, with their corrosion resistant galvanised steel design making them incredibly durable, perfect for the creation of handrail and guardrail structures in any climate.

Our fittings showcase below shows the incredible flexibility of the Kee Klamp® fittings, and an explanation of their use and application.

Whatever your tubular structure needs, Kee Systems offers a fitting to do the job, and do it right.

Type 20 Side Outlet Elbow

The function of the 90° corner joint side outlet elbow is to terminate three pieces of pipe to create a corner.

The Side Outlet Elbow is used in railing applications to change the direction of the railing, but can also be used in building applications to create desk frames, tables, workbenches and bed frames.

The Side Outlet Elbow is also available as a Type 21, which allows the upright to pass through the fitting, and provides a 90° corner joint for the middle rail of safety railing and other rectangular structures.



Type A21/A26 Split Two Socket Cross/90° Side Outlet Tee

This fitting performs the same function as either Type 21 or Type 26, but because of its unique "Hinge and Pin" system, it can be added to an existing tubular assembly.

Type A21/A26 fittings are supplied as a kit which includes 2 castings and 2 taper pins, which can be assembled in either configuration.




Type 25 Three Socket Tee

The Three Socket Tee’s main function is to act as a 90° joint between the top rail and an intermediate upright on a safety railing,

The two socket set screws in the sleeve mean this fitting can be used if there is a join required in the horizontal pipe.

A Type 10 tee could be used in place of this fitting, however the single socket tee only allows you to use one length of horizontal tube in one direction.


Type 26 Two Socket Cross

The Type 26 Two Socket Cross fitting allows one continuous piece of pipe to pass in one direction, and two other separate pieces of pipe in the other to create a cross.

The Type 26 can be paired with a Type 25 Three Socket Tee to give a 90° joint between the middle rail and an intermediate upright on safety railing, with the upright passing through the fitting.




Type 29 30° to 60° Single Socket Tee

The Type 29 Single Socket Tee is designed to act as an alternative to the Type 12, and is most commonly used in bracing and strut applications. As the name suggests, it can be used at any angle between 30° and 60°.

You can also use the Type 29 in a vertical position in place of a Type 27, using Type 27 only where a join in the pipe occurs.





For more information about our fittings, or to get advice on which fitting you need for your project or application, get in touch with our product experts in the office on 0208 874 6566 or via our contact form.