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Kee Systems DDA compliant handrails

5 April 2017

The Equality Act requires reasonable adjustments be made to public and commercial establishments to avoid and overcome physical barriers preventing disabled access.

Over the years, Kee Systems has provided many DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant handrail solutions, helping companies comply with the act’s requirements.

Below are just a few examples of how we have used the Kee Access® range of fittings in varying applications, designs and colours to ensure safe access for anybody who needs it.

These handrails were powder coated blue, providing an attractive appearance whilst assisting visually impaired users, ensuring the handrails stand out.

You may have seen yellow Kee Klamp ® and blue Kee Access® handrails at various railway stations across the country. Combined, these allow easy and safe access to the station for elderly and disabled passengers.

Kee Systems can provide powder coated handrails in a variety of RAL colours allowing huge flexibility with colour contrast options.

Amongst other requirements, the Equality Act required handrails that are not cold to the touch. Powder coating meets this requirement and ensures all handrails remain at a safe temperature.

The benefits of Kee Systems DDA compliant handrails are:

> Conform to the regulatory requirements of Building Regs. Part M for DDA compliance

> Colour coating ensures a not cold to the touch finish

> Add on components allow for non compliant systems to be upgraded if necessary

> Hugely cost effective to install. No welding, threading or bolting is required

> The flexible system can accommodate on-site variations.

If you want to find out more about Kee Systems’ range of DDA compliant handrails or would like a quote, get in touch.