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Sector Spotlight: Highways

30 November 2017

After over 80 years in existence, Kee Klamp® fittings have found their way into regular usage in many industries and sectors, across the world.

Originally designed and sold to the agricultural sector as a quick and easy way to assemble milking stalls, their flexibility and modular nature have made them a popular choice for the building of tubular guardrail and barrier structures across the board.

The Kee to the highways

Kee Klamp® Fittings have become a mainstay in the highways market, offering safety not only for pedestrians, but also for road maintenance and construction personnel.

Local authorities in particular recognised the need for guardrailing systems along the road networks, and many are coming to Kee Systems and Kee Klamp® fittings to provide that protection.

Recently, as part of the Sussex-based project to widen the A23 trunk road between London and Brighton, a Kee Klamp® guardrail system was installed to protect workers who will be regularly accessing electrical boxes on the side of the road in the coming years.

With the continuation of construction and renovation programmes in the highways sector, local authorities are increasingly opting for systems which are quick and easy to install, without sacrificing high-quality construction and long-term lifespan.

Kee Klamp® fittings fulfil all these conditions, since they eliminate the need for time-consuming welding or specialist skills. The components can be quickly installed using a standard hex key, with each fitting incorporating an integral set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube.

This method creates a strong, stable and safe guardrail structure. All fittings are available with a combination of protective coatings applied to achieve a longer life and better corrosion resistance. This is vital for structures in areas which may be prone to a high level of weathering or rusting, and structures which are in difficult places to access and work on.


The future

With the adaptability of Kee Klamp® fittings, they are sure to remain a constant companion to the ever-evolving highways industry, and Kee Systems will continue to work closely with those in the sector to provide not only great value for money, but also incredibly effective solutions to keep those who access the road network safe for many years to come.

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