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Take advantage of mezzanine space with our pallet gates

7 November 2017

Our Pallet Gates help ensure safe movement of goods on mezzanines and between levels, and make it possible to take advantage of often-ignored mezzanine space.

The Pallet Gate range provides a safety solution to factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors. Transporting pallets around factories and warehouses can be dangerous, particularly when a worker loads and unloads pallets on mezzanine floors, as this could result in a fall from height.

The Pallet Gates range features four different configurations, to accommodate different types of operation.  Gates are available in sizes ranging from 1.4m to 1.9m pallet width and from 1.6m to 2.2m pallet height.

The gates are constructed using Kee Klamp® galvanised or Kee Lite® aluminium fittings and tubes, and can be easily linked to new and existing railing systems. As the gates are component based, if the pallet gate is damaged, from a forklift or general use, the individual fittings can be easily replaced.   

Click here for further information and to watch our Pallet Gate Demonstration Video.