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The dangers of modern warehouses and how to avoid them

11 March 2019

Even with a careful, competent and trained workforce, warehouses and logistics centres can be incredibly dangerous for both employees and visitors.

By adopting high-visibility jacket and demarcated path policies, most risks to life and limb can be minimised, but there are still many dangers lurking in between the stacks and loading bays which could cause harm, and require a dedicated solution to negate.

But what are these risks, and how can you avoid them? Kee Systems offers several solutions for these various risks, allowing you to feel confident that you have met your health and safety responsibilities, and those under your care are as safe as possible.


Protecting workers and pedestrians from vehicles

Warehouses and logistics centres are fast paced and extremely hazardous to unprotected employees, not only those working on the floor, but also office employees and visitors.

Workplace transport incidents due to a lax attitude towards separation of vehicles and workers are the third highest cause of workplace fatalities, despite these accidents being easy to prevent with the implementation of simple control measures.

High visibility jackets and a demarcated (highlighted path) route policy should be put in place, but in some situations this is not sufficient, and do not provide protection should a vehicle cross into the route.

One of the most effective - and simplest - ways to keep pedestrians and vehicles separate is through the use of protective barriers and guardrails, such as the Kee Klamp® and Kee Lite® systems.

The Kee barrier systems can provide a safe route within an area where vehicles are working, or even completely prevent access to a specific area. These systems are hugely flexible and the modular form allows the design of the system to accommodate changes in angles as well as different levels. Should vehicle damage occur, the damaged section can be quickly removed and replace.

Kee Klamp® fittings are also made from high-quality hot-dip galvanised steel, and Kee Lite® is made from strong aluminium, making them tough and long-lasting in even the toughest of conditions.


Voids and edges

This is a particular danger in logistics centres and loading bays. Though edges and fall risks should always be protected by barrier systems such as Kee Klamp®, there are often areas where access and egress is regularly required, such as from a ladder or up to a mezzanine area.

For this, there is the Kee Gate range. Our spring-loaded and self-closing safety gates are designed to close gaps and voids when they are not in use, including from ladders or stairs.

Made from the same hot-dip galvanised and modular fittings as Kee Klamp® barriers, Kee Gates are tough and designed for regular use and minimal maintenance. We also offer them in double width and full height configurations to comply with EN 4211 : Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders, allowing safe access to areas from ladders.

If access is required to a raised or mezzanine space for loading and storage, there is the Pallet Gate, designed to allow workers to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, without the risk of falls from height. The always closed nature of the system provides a high level of protection, and it can be provided in a range of sizes, meaning there is always a suitable system for your needs.

Watch our Safety Gate and Pallet Gate videos to see how easy they are to install and use.


Shelf and racking access

Though your workers should be properly trained to access racking and have the correct equipment such as steps in place to reduce the risk of injury, standard solutions can be inadequate or unsuitable for the constantly changing nature of warehouses.

To remedy this, we build and supply bespoke mobile access platforms, the perfect solution for when off the shelf fabricated platforms are not suitable.

Available up to 3m in height - higher with special support arms - the modular nature of our bespoke systems means they can be adapted to suit any requirement, allowing them to be used for many tasks including reaching racking and shelving, as well as maintaining vehicles or accessing machinery.

Our mobile access platforms are available in aluminium or steel and are compliant with EN 1004:2004, BS 1139-6:2005 and PAS 250, and we can provide a CAD drawing with each quotation to allow you to fully explore the proposed solution before we supply it.

With no welding or drilling required, quick assembly and excellent strength and corrosion resistance, mobile access platforms are the perfect choice for the modern, busy warehouse or logistics centre.


Highlight and protect racking

The BS EN 15512:2009 standard requires an upright protector be placed at the end of each run of racking between cross-aisles.

To allow you to meet this standard, we offer the off-the-shelf Kwik Kit barrier system, offering the same high level of build quality as our Kee Klamp® barriers, and supplied powder coated in RAL 1021 for full visibility.

Standing at a minimum of 400mm tall and able to absorb more than 400Nm of force, Kwik Kit barriers should easily absorb the impact and protect the racking or machinery behind. The modular design then allows you to easily removed the damaged section and replace it with new fittings.


The full solution

Each Kee product has been designed and tested extensively to ensure it can do the job again and again without fail, protecting anyone that accesses your warehouse, allowing them to carry out their work in complete safety.

One of the greatest benefits of Kee solutions is their modular nature, allowing them to be linked together and used as one cohesive system of total protection.

For more information on our products to find out which systems will benefit you the most, call us on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.