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Pest Control Solutions for Construction Sites


The pest protection on the new buildings shouldn’t be neglected as they can easily be found on the site and attract unwanted pests. If you have no pest prevention plan for the building or staff, it will be extremely dangerous.

Common pests found on construction sites: rodents & birds

Rodents & birds are the commonest pests on construction sites. This pest can be deadly and can cause damage at your building site.

What are the main signs my construction site has a pest problem?

When designing a property, a tenant should consider options of pest control. In many cases, poorly constructed buildings do not think about pests, pest intrusion or harbourage points clearly appear. Pest management on food facilities at construction sites is critical for food safety. During the building phase, the main thing is to stop pest invasion. If a site has already been constructed, you should think to increase the quality and safety of the building and eliminate pests that gain access through the building.

What is the most common method of pest control?

Controlling chemists. Pesticide is a widely used chemical used in the control of disease by destroying or reducing its growth. Pesticides have a variety of classes based on the type of pest it is intended for controlling.

What are the best pest control methods?

Chemicals. Chemical pest management is the commonest way of controlling pests. Often used for controlling disease and weed infestation of crops. Pesticides can be described as chemicals used for pest control; they usually poison or kill a pest consumed by them.

What is the most effective part of pest control?

During pest control, the inspections are critical for the successful operation. It is advisable for PMPs to perform an inspection in order to get reliable service from a professional pest management professional. It is also advisable to have a good PMP for the planning and implementation of the pest management strategy.

The problem with pests

Pesticides do not cause harm to humans or small pets. If we are exposed to more pests then it could be disastrous to our safety or the health of our workers. Pesticide is effective for many purposes. Contaminating foods. Spreading disease. Using wires. Things such as birds droppings may contaminate food. The termites are unable to eat building material. It is advisable to solve a pest problem quickly so that they are not occurring.

Apply pesticides upon detecting potential pest problems

During construction, there may be gaps. They may cause pest problems because they can sneak in these gaps and not be detected. Keep cracks covered if it is detected. If that’s not feasible right now you can remove any holes in drywall with pesticide. This prevents fungi and other pest species from forming nesting grounds. Because many pest types are weaker at a given level than many others, they should be handled by an expert in pest management. You may also do it immediately upon the completion of a building project to reduce pest damage.

Health and Safety Compliance

When your project involves demolition, construction or renovation, a professional pesticide provider can assist you in fulfilling the obligations of the general management and in providing a secure working place for employees, contractors or other personnel that are impacted by their work under the health and safety legislation.

How do you estimate construction costs for a project?

During a project estimate we work with the project manager or architect to design the best strategy. Every building is different. Pest control services are estimated by using a team from the management of the site for an efficient strategy. Each construction site has different costs.

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