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Preventing Falls from Vehicles

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According to the HSE it is estimated that there are over 2000 ‘Falls from vehicle’ accidents reported each year.  These include on average 5 fatalities and major injuries which tend to include broken arms or legs, resulting in weeks off work.

Access to the top of vehicles is often required, for example, for maintenance or cleaning purposes or for loading/unloading operations.  As with any form of work at height, the hierarchy of control should be applied when looking at fall protection

If access at height on vehicles is unavoidable then you should provide safe access solutions such as tower scaffolds, gantries or platforms.  While these types of off-the-shelf systems offer protection, they do have their limitations unlike Bespoke Access Platforms which can be designed to accommodate different vehicle designs and layouts to ensure complete safety when accessing the vehicle.

For further information on fall protection for vehicles, please see out Bespoke Access Platform page.

Wed, 12/03/2014 – 14:19

Bespoke access platforms provide a flexible safe working platform for vehicles.

Vehicle fall protection