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Fittings for barrier & hand railing solutions by Kee Systems offers the most extensive range of tubular fittings, in either galvanised cast iron or aluminium.

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Kee Systems offers the most extensive range of tubular fittings, in either galvanised cast iron or aluminium, to enable the construction of safe and versatile barrier and handrail solutions including DDA Handrailing

We have been supplying structural tubes and fittings since 1946 and are a leading distributor of Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings® Key Clamps fittings.

If you need assistance with a project, we can provide a complete Project Service including site survey, design and installation of a solution, or our Free Technical Advisory Service can help you design a structure to your requirements.

Tube clamp fittings

Key Clamp Versus Kee Klamp? Why Not Every Clamp Is Equal

If you work in the construction or roofing industry, you know that Kee Clamp structural pipe fittings for handrails and barriers are essential to the job.

For over 80 years, Key Clamp has been saving many lives around the world. From handrails at Niagara Falls to London tube stations and beyond, this innovative solution is used in countless places, with millions of people relying on it daily.

But did you know that not all key clamp handrails are created equal?

That’s right – there’s a big difference between Key Clamp solutions and knowing which is right for the job is important. There are many Kee Klamp® Key Clamp copies of the original design yet varying in quality and standards.

So, what’s the difference between Key Clamp and Kee Klamp®?

In this blog post, we’ll break down the differences so you can make an informed decision on your next project.

What is a Key Clamp System?

Key Clamp is a modular handrail system that offers a flexible and secure solution for constructing sturdy structures with superior strength.

These unique fittings consist of steel tubes and fittings to join together to any shape or size that can be formed without welding. Plus, assembly is easy thanks to the hexagonal keys used to fasten it all in place.

A Kee Clamp is a simple yet strong hold, making them extremely versatile, and they are often the go-to solution in many industrial settings.

The History of Key Clamp

Key Clamp has been around since the mid-20th century and began as a cost-effective solution to piping and tubular structure projects.

In 1934, the Kee Klamp® Key Clamp solution was invented by George H. Gascoigne and his team. This pioneering tube clamp was designed to meet a specific requirement in dairy production – an easier way of building hygienic stalls for cows without welding on site.

Following its initial success, fittings gained immense popularity across the UK. During WWII they were incorporated into war machinery as crucial elements of windshields for barrage balloons and aircraft maintenance systems.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp

After this period, Kee Klamp® Key Clamp came to dominate British infrastructure – from safety features on highways to racking systems in warehouses- a testament to their robustness and efficacy all over Britain!

Over 85 years later, this original Kee Klamp® Key Clamp formula remains one of the most popular clamps available on the market today!

Although there are many versions of clamps available on the market today, Kee Klamp® Key Clamp is the true original clamp

What Are Key Clamp Tube Clamp Fittings Used For?

The Key Clamp system is a versatile piece of joinery equipment that is used in a wide variety of applications.

Whether you’re constructing furniture, joining up sections of domestic stairs or forming vehicles, Key Clamp can be applied for the positive bonding of two pieces of metal.

In the construction industry, they have found favour both for their ease and speed of assembly and durability to create structural frames with strength and rigidity.

The Key Clamp system offers a flexible solution when it comes to constructing:

  • Safety barriers
  • Handrails
  • Guardrails

With its numerous advantages, the Key Clamp system is an asset worth looking into when it comes to securely joining together two pieces of material.

10 Reasons Why Kee Klamp® is the Best Key Clamp

As we said, not all Key Clamp handrails are the same. Many are copies of the original design but have failed to undergo the strict testing and compliance which makes Kee Klamp® Key Clamp so superior.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp are the superior choice of Key Clamp for many reasons:

  • It has undergone the most rigorous testing to meet the highest compliance
  • Galvanised cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Fitted with KEE KOAT corrosion-protected grub screws and THREDKOAT recess protection
  • TÜV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency
  • Meets specified loadings up to 1500 N/m
  • No welding, so no hot work permits are required
  • No threading or bolting, so no special tools are required
  • A flexible system that can accommodate on-site variations
  • Cost-effective to install; no specialist labour is required

Due to these features and more, the Kee Klamp® Key Clamp system remains a reliable choice for anyone looking for the best Key Clamp that can be adjusted easily to suit nearly any structure in need of it.

The Most Rigorous Tube Clamp Testing

Unlike other Key Clamp handrails on the market today, Kee Klamp® Key Clamp is an incredibly reliable and innovative system, as evidenced by its industry-leading compliance and testing standards.

To meet high safety requirements, the Kee Klamp® Key Clamp has undergone more rigorous testing than any other Kee Clamp on the market today.

Galvanised cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461, the British standard for hot-dip galvanized coatings on iron and steel articles. We have ensured Kee Klamp® Key Clamp exceeds the test methods for coatings applied by dipping steel articles and fabricated iron in a zinc melt.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp fittings are top-of-the-line iron castings manufactured to stringent BS EN 1562 &1563 requirements and with a 900 Kg axial load capacity.

Safety is paramount – Kee Klamp® Key Clamp range has an impressive 2:1 safety factor that surpasses most other Key Clamp.

This ongoing investment in research, development and quality assurance demonstrates our commitment to producing the safest and most reliable products available.

Why Kee Klamp is the Best choice for Key Clamp

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp is an incredibly versatile and efficient way to construct a range of structures securely.

Kee Klamp® Key Clamp fittings provide superior strength and durability, making them the ideal solution for many construction projects.

Manufactured from galvanised steel, Kee Klamp® Key Clamp offers unparalleled stability and structural integrity over time, making them an excellent choice for any application that requires a strong, reliable Key Clamp.

Because of their superior quality, Kee Klamp® Key Clamp fittings are easier to use than Key Clamps made from other materials such as plastic or cast iron, and they require less maintenance to keep them in top working condition.

Find the best Key Clamp fitting with Kee Klamp®

So, as you have found, not all Key Clamp fittings and tubes are equal! Though there are many competitively priced Key Clamp handrails, you must look out for copies of the original Kee Klamp® Key Clamp which are not of the highest quality.

For the past 75 years, Kee Systems has provided safe and reliable solutions for building structures around the world. Offering an extensive selection of fittings, handrails, railings and safety barriers – our safety solutions remain unbeatable in terms of reliability.

In particular, customers rely on their corrosion-resistant Kee Lite® range and Key Klamp Access® fittings as these are designed with accessibility needs in mind as outlined by regulations such as the UK Equality Act.

Kee Systems is a premier provider of Kee Klamp® Key Clamp tubular fittings and accompanying safety products. We have an extensive inventory to fulfil orders quickly, with same-day Click & Collect service in London SW18 as well as next-day delivery available.

As the UK’s largest online source for these powerful clamps and other essential items, stop by today for fast results on all your needs!

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