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Railing Systems & Barriers Offer Ground-Based Barrier Solutions, Including Pedestrian Barriers, Stairs, Ramps, DDA Hand Railing, & Compliant Guardrails.

‘Off the Shelf’ Railing Kits

Kee Kwik®, quick assembly safety railing kits, are available in nine formats, ready for immediate use.

Kee Kwik offers Production, Safety and Maintenance Managers the ability to immediately protect workplace areas as a result of risk assessments or other safety issues. There is no need to weld or bend tubing and unskilled labour can easily install sections. Pre-assembled uprights not only add to the simplicity but also make installations extremely quick to complete, reducing expensive production downtime. Most guardrail configurations can be constructed using a combination of the kits available.
NB. All kits should be secured with proprietary fixing anchors (not included) to suit individual floor constructions.

Ground Based Barrier Systems

Kee Systems can supply and install a range of safe, durable and versatile ground-based barrier solutions including Pedestrian Barriers, Stairs, Ramps, DDA Hand railing and Compliant Guardrails. Our systems have been used to provide safe solutions in a wide range of industry sectors including rail, road, education, industrial and leisure.

Pedestrian Barriers: Kee Systems offers both in-line and offset solutions which allow continuous guardrails across a variety of angles.

Installation is quick and easy and doesn’t require welding or special tools.  The systems are versatile and can accommodate sites which are not straight or level, such as slopes up to 7 degrees or a radius greater than 6m.  This allows ramps and slopes to be constructed without the need to bend the tube.

Stairs and Ramps: Barrier systems can cope with virtually any problem that a building’s design may create.  Our systems can be used in all balustrades for stairways, landings and ramps as well as mounted handrails for guard railings on the top of balconies and balustrades.

DDA Hand railing & Compliant Guardrails: Under the terms of the UK Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) all commercial and public building owners are required to provide non-discriminatory balustrade and hand railing on stairways and ramps. Our Kee Klamp® Access range has been designed to give a smooth handrail and complies with current Building Regulations. All fittings can be powder coated if required to meet the visibility and ‘not cold to touch’ requirements of the DDA.  The range is ideal for creating new barriers but can also be used as a retrofit solution to allow a new handrail to be added to an existing system.

Kee Systems’ Project Service can provide a complete design and installation service, ensuring a safe installation which is fully compliant with all major standards and statutory requirements.

Features of Pre-assembled Railing Kits

  • Pre-assembled uprights
  • Utilises market-leading Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings and Kee Lite® Fittings
  • Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings components are fitted with KEE KOAT corrosion-protected grub screws and THREDKOAT recess protection
  • 48mm diameter handrails
  • Powder-coated Safety Yellow to RAL1007 or, aesthetically pleasing self-colour aluminium
  • Satisfies 0.36 kN/m as stated in BS6180
  • Variable angle adjustment for Step and Ramp kits
  • Safety gloves are included for installers’ protection.

Benefits of Pre-assembled Railing Kits

  • Creates a Safe environment for workers
  • High visibility “Safety Yellow” powder coating
  • No welding, bending or threading required
  • Versatile modular construction
  • Sections can be added and changed as required making the Kwik Kit extremely versatile
  • Simple installation using the hexagon key provided
  • Alternative baseplate availability.


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