Beam Clamp

Flexible Steel To Steel Connection Solutions

BEAMCLAMP is an extensive range of steel to steel clamping products designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding. The clamping system gives the specifier the peace of mind that once the connection is made it has a guaranteed safe working load, and it also provides flexibility for the user when installing and reduces the overall cost. The system is also ideal for areas where drilling or welding is not allowed or access and power is restricted.

The use of BEAMCLAMP for steel to steel connections allows for much easier adjustability after the connection has been made by simply loosening the bolts, realigning and re-tightening the bolts again afterwards.

A full list of features can be seen below:


  • Third party approval (Lloyds)
  • No special tools or skilled labour required
  • Guaranteed 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Easy to adjust on site
  • No weakening of existing steelwork
  • No damage to the protective coating of the steelwork
  • Hot dipped galvanised

Benefits of the BeamClamp steel to steel connections compared to welding or drilling and bolting

  • Peace of mind when specifying or installing
  • Savings in installation time and cost
  • Excellent long term corrosion resistance for external applications
  • Provides flexibility to allow for site tolerances

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