Two-way freestanding clothing rail

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Weight 35 kg

Product Description

The Two-Way T-Stand clothing rail is meant to feature a small selection of clothing on your showroom floor. This rack can be placed just about anywhere to attract the attention of people in your store. Height: 1.8m


Note: All dimensions refer to tube lengths only. The fittings will add to these measurements.

  • Height of longest piece of pipe: 180 cm
  • Length of top rail: 70 cm
  • Length of bottom rail: 60 cm

Strong, stable and solid

Our industrial style clothing rail could not be more robust. Modern looking and designed for flexibility, strength, and durability. Available in 1.8 m (height), this clothing rack is built to store plenty of clothing on standard sized hangers.

Designed to last a lifetime

Unlike flimsy alternatives, when you buy one of our clothing rails, you can rest assured that you they can be used for years or even decades to come. Incredibly sturdy and long wearing, our kits are designed to not bend under the weight of your garments for years.

For your shop or home

This freestanding clothing rail will look great in either your home or shop. If you like the industrial, modern look of scaffolding furniture, then you will love the look of this galvanised steel structure.

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