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Kee Cover fragile roof light and skylight protection

Falls through fragile skylights and roof lights are one of biggest causes of serious fall from height injuries which is why the HSE stipulates that effective precautions must be taken for all work on or near fragile surfaces such as these.

KEE COVER provides an effective, robust solution for protecting fragile roof lights and skylights.  The cover has been designed specifically for metal profile roofs, particularly when used in industrial environments where the use of roof lights and skylights is common.

Modular Design

KEE COVER is modular in design, making it easy to transport to site and assemble.  The mesh panel, which prevents a person falling through the fragile roof light or skylight, sits onto a metal frame constructed from KEE KLAMP fittings and size 5 tube.   Standard mesh panels are 2m long by 1m wide.  Extension panels 2m or 1m long by 1m wide area available for larger roof light and skylight protection.

KEE COVER comes in two formats, one which fixes virtually flat to the roofs surface and one which is mounted on small legs and raised above the roof light.  Providing a greater distance between the mesh panel and the roof light ensures the roof light is not damaged when someone falls onto the cover.

Testing and Certification

KEE COVER has been tested to the Class B criteria and loadings specified in the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies.  This test involved a 45kg weight being dropped a free fall distance of 1.2m to reach a maximum velocity.  Kee Cover absorbed the impact and retained the dropped mass.

An additional 1200 joule test was also carried out to BS EN 1873 where a 50kg mass was dropped from 2.4m.  Kee Cover successfully retained the mass whilst ensuring there were no gaps larger than 300mm within the mesh.


  • Tested to the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies and EN 1873
  • Components and mesh hot dip galvanised for greater durability
  • Variable heights allows protection of over different shaped roof lights
  • Extension panels allow extended width and lengths to be covered


  • Modular protection for roof lights and skylights
  • Component based so easy to transport and assemble on-site
  • Mesh panels provide protection without blocking light into the building
  • Low installation costs as quick and easy to fit

Project Service

we can help you with all aspects of a project, including Free Technical Assistance, Site Surveys and Installation.   For further information, please call us on Tel: 0208 874 6566 or fill out our online Contact Form and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements. 


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