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Rooftop Walkway with Edge Protection

The KEE WALK with guardrail is a safe, compliant and modular fall protection solution which eliminates the fall hazard when workers are exposed to an unprotected edge whilst accessing or egressing a roof.

KEE WALK walkway provides a clear and defined route across the roof, while the guardrail provides protection without the need for PPE such as harnesses, giving the highest level of collective protection for roof access and work at height

The guarded walkway system is suitable for use on a variety of roof surfaces (standing seam, composite panels and metal roofing), slopes, steps, traversers and pitches up to 30°.

Additional Information

The safety guardrail is constructed from 48.3mm tube with galvanised KEE KLAMP corrosion resistant fittings and tube which can be installed or retrofitted on one or both sides of the KEE WALK.  Aluminium guardrail is also available using KEE LITE fittings.  Both KEE KLAMP and KEE LITE fittings are modular which makes for simple and quick installation on-site and overcomes the need to weld or fabricate.

The walkway complies with EN 516 Class 1-C (Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing - Installations for roof access - Walkways, treads and steps).  The integral guardrail complies with BS 14122 Part 3 and BS 13374 Class A.  The glass fibre reinforced nylon treads are fire rated to Class HB of UL94 (Harmonised with ISO 9772) and have been tested to provide slip resistance compliant to BS 4592.


  • Modular, longitudinal, traverse walkway for steps and roofs
  • Suitable for up to 35° roof pitch
  • Compliant to EN 516 Class 1-C, BS 14122 Pt3 and BS 13374 Class A
  • Idea for use on flat, barrel and sloping roofs.
  • Free standing and non-penetrative options
  • Easily adjusted on site


  • Provides a safe walkway with collective edge protection
  • Provides a safe rooftop walkway on any configuration of roof slope
  • Complies with all relevant standards for rooftop safety to provide the best possible protection
  • Does not suffer from UV degradation even under extreme sunlight
  • Quick and easy to specify and install