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When collective protection is the preferred method of providing a safe working environment but it is not desirable to have railings permanently visible on the roofline of a building, KEEGUARD Foldshield provides an ideal solution.

Designed for use on slopes up to 10 degrees, this folding system is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, mineral felt or PVC sheet covered roofs and complies with the requirements of EN 13374. Utilising a hinged version of the standard KEEGUARD base fitting, shown below, the guardrail can easily be lifted into place when work is in progress and then quickly folded back down when finished. KEEGUARD Foldshield offers all the flexibility of standard KEEGUARD allowing continuous runs, fixed ends, corners, changes in direction etc, or can be installed in 6m sections with ‘D’ returns (as illustrated) to enable it to be folded quickly and simply.

Additional Information

A simple locking pin is all that needs to be removed from the fitting to allow it to pivot.

Two people can easily raise or fold down a standard section (max length 6.4m) of guardrail. To minimise the weight of a section KEEGUARD Foldshield is also available in a configuration to allow aluminium mid and top rails.

With a maximum bay size of 2 metres it can be used in both restrained and unrestrained applications.

In order to use the folding fitting in a restrained situation, an additional support prop (shown on the next page) is added to the uprights at six metre intervals to allow sufficient room for the fitting to pivot. A minimum roof up-stand of 250mm is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Folding collective protection system
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Does not spoil building aesthetics
  • Main fitting can only pivot in one direction
  • System can be raised and lowered in sections
  • Recycled PVC feet do not penetrate the roof membrane
  • Available in galvanised steel or with aluminium top and mid rails
  • Complies to EN 13374

Site Survey and Installation Service

If you would like our assistance with the specification of your project, our engineers are available to visit your installation site. Kee Systems offers free site surveys and technical advice.

We can also arrange installation on any project we quote for if required. Kee Systems has its own team of installers with vast experience of installing our fall protection systems. Our engineers are based throughout the UK, this enables us to offer an exceptional service and ability to meet the client’s needs to quick turnaround solutions. Contact us for more details.