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KeeGuard Ladder Kit for safe access to roofs from fixed and cat ladders

The KeeGuard® Ladder Kit provides a safe means of access onto a roof from either a fixed or cat ladder and has been independently tested & CE approved to BS EN 14122-4. 

The kit features permanently fixed KEEGAUARD guardrail either side of an existing fixed ladder and a KEEGATE spring loaded self closing safety gate to allow safe roof access for inspection or maintenance work.  The KeeGuard® Ladder Kit has been designed to provide a retro-fit solution for existing fixed/cat ladders and simply clamps onto the ladder to form a continuous link from the guardrail to the stringer of the ladder.  The fitting which connects the guardrail to the ladder can be fixed to either a flat or tubular stringer up to a maximum diameter/width of 75mm.

The KeeGate® self closing gate comes as a standard 1m width which can be cut to size on site.

Features and Benefits

  • Freestanding guardrail enhances safety around ladder access points
  • Reversible spring loaded safety gate protects access point
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing fixed/cat ladder
  • Available as a kit
  • Corrosion resistant galvanised steel finish
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Complies with EN 14122 Part 4

Site Survey and Installation Service

If you would like our assistance with the specification of your project, our engineers are available to visit your installation site. Kee Systems offers free site surveys and technical advice. Please contact us on Tel: 0208 874 6566

We can also arrange installation on any project we quote for if required. Kee Systems has its own team of installers with vast experience of installing our fall protection systems. Our engineers are based throughout the UK, this enables us to offer an exceptional service and ability to meet the client’s needs to quick turnaround solutions. Contact us for more details.