Rack Shield Warehouse Safety Barriers

Protect Your Inventory with Impact Isolation

The Key to Isolating Impact

Damage occurs when energy is transferred from one object (forklift) to another (rack connection bolt). Unless a barrier isolates the energy transferred from a collision, that energy will be passed to the object that is contacted. This will damage the connection method, and potentially cause catastrophic effects. Guards that attach directly to the object may protect against a ding or scratch, but they are going to be useless in the face of a real collision.                                                                                                A collision with warehouse racking can destroys thousands of pounds in inventory and put people lives at risk. Rack Shield puts a barrier between your inventory racking and in-plant vehicles.

Other warehouse safety barrier protection products:

Rack Shield

Why do you need Rack Shield Safety Barrier?


More durable and cost-effective when compared with structural options

Easily Customized

It can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions. Whether they are in height, length, colour, location, or functionality.

Easy to install & replace

It is simple to install and swap out.

Components of Rack Shield

Rack Shield Safety Barrier Applications

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