Roof Walkway Matting

Roof Walkway Matting: Versatile solution that keeps roof spaces secure and fall free.

Keeping Roof Spaces Secure

Roof Walkway Matting is a temporary work platform to prevent users from falling onto the joists of the floor below, or even further.

It uses XSpan technology, made of lightweight but resistant aluminium. Mats are safe fall prevention systems that are adjustable in length and width. Roof Walkway matting prevents falls when spreading roof trusses, fitting wind braces, or working on a girder truss or hip roof construction.


Cover Safe

Features of Roof Walkway Matting

Overview of Roof Safety Matting

Technical details

  • Material: aluminium
  • Standard Mat Closed – 1.0m X 0.7m. Open – 3.6m X 0.7m
  • Weight – 11kg


Frequently Asked Questions

CoverSafe Brochure

Information on our CoverSafe Brochure

Keep roof spaces secure and fall free.

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