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A Derbyshire school prosecuted for safety failings

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A Derbyshire school has been fined £10,000 after a pupil’s grandmother fell off the side of an unguarded staircase.

The grandmother was leaving the school’s pavilion via a wooden staircase which led onto a stone one when she lost her balance and fell 2m.  The HSE investigation found that there were no handrails fitted to the wooden stairs, while the stone ones had a 40cm high parapet running along the edge of the stairs, but no handrail.  Commenting on the case the HSE said, “This was a foreseeable incident which could easily have been avoided had reasonable measures, such as the fitting of guard rails, been taken.”

Fittings and tubes such as the Kee Klamp® Key Clamps and Kee Access® ranges offer quick and versatile solutions to provide safe and secure handrails for stairs and ramps. The flexibility of the fittings means that they can easily accommodate changes in level and can overcome virtually any problem a building’s design may create.

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School prosecuted after fall from unguarded staircase.

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