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Davit Arms

Overhead Rooftop Access Solutions

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Davit Arms provide a number of safe, overhead access solutions

On buildings with isolated strips or for roof-mounted applications where it is not possible to provide parapet protection, a davit arm provides an economically viable, effective and extremely discrete anchor system.


A standard davit arm comprises a fixed base, an upright and a rotating head. Sockets can also be provided, allowing the davit arm to be moved from position to position.

Invisible From Ground Level

When the system is not being used, the head can be rotated 180 degrees inboard of the parapet, rendering it invisible from ground level; the rotating head also provides safe and easy access for the initial rigging of ropes.


When allowing for abseil, rescue/evacuation and material handling, a davit arm can provide an elevated anchorage point, with the ability to swing over the edge of the building and descend/ascend whilst not in contact with the building.

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