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Kee Mark® Demarcation System

Free-standing demarcation systems for exterior and interior protection

Free standing demarcation systems for exterior and interior protection

Demarcation is a quick and economical solution for separating people from hazards.  They can be used to separate people from hazards and are ideal for a wide range of uses including:

  • When placed at least 2m away from the roof edge
  • Around plant and equipment
  • For trade shows and queue management

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Why Use Kee Mark?

  • Flexible Design

    Kee Mark is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be installed to suit specific site requirements.

  • Modular construction

    The demarcation can be installed quickly and easily without the need for specialist tools. As the system is freestanding it does not require any drilling onto the surface.

  • Visible Protection

    Kee Mark’s two colour chains are highly visible to workers at all times. Single or double chain options are available.

Versatile system

The Kee Mark demarcation system provides a clear route within a working environment. The system is compact, portable, highly visible and easy to assemble.

The system features a high visibility, two-colour polyurethane or steel chain which is continually linked between the support posts. Kee Mark’s unique post design prevents the chain from becoming detached during adverse weather conditions.

Cost-effective roof safety

When budgets are a concern, Kee Mark can be used in conjunction with roof railings such as Kee Guard edge protection.

When access is required to parts of the roof which are within 2m of the roof edge, a guardrail should be installed. Guarded sections such as these can then be connected using the Kee Mark system to provide a safe system of work on the roof.

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