Disabilty Access Handrails

Kee Access Safety Railings

Providing smooth compliant safe access handrails

Kee Access fittings have been developed to ensure commercial and public buildings are fully accessible for everyone.

Kee Access handrails help you comply with the Equality Act 2010 and building regulations Part M which require a continuous smooth surface.

The handrails must always be terminated in such a way that it alerts users that it is coming to an end; this is achieved by using a D return or similar.

An additional bottom rail must also be used when a drop off exists at the bottom of a ramp; thus preventing a wheelchair falling off of the edge.

Smooth, continuous handrail

Kee Access fittings were specifically designed to construct a smooth, continuous handrail which adheres to the DDA’s guidelines for a Disability Handrail System.

The Kee Access fittings can be powder coated to any RAL colour, providing a visual contrast for aesthetic purposes, and vastly reduce cold temperatures so they are not cold to touch. A disability handrail must be powder-coated to fully meet DDA requirements.

Smooth, continuous handrail
NDA Compliant Handrails

Why are these handrails different?

The Kee Access fittings range range are designed to connect tubing whilst maintaining a flush edge with the tube at all times, creating a smooth, uninterrupted handrail.

This type of handrail allows a hand to comfortably pass along the railing from start to end without the need to let go; this makes a very big difference to somebody with a disability, whether it be a physical disability, or visually impaired; the uninterrupted assistance of the handrail allows them to manoeuvre obstacles such as inclines and stairwells safely.

Why Use Kee Access for your Handrails?

Speed and Ease of Installation

No welding or fabrication is required. This overcomes the need for hot work permits. All that is needed is an allen key to lock the fittings to the tube.

Durable Solution

DDA Kee Access handrail systems last for decades and withstand harsh environments. Components are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and TUV approved.

Cost effective
Cost Effective

Quick and easy construction of ground based safety barrier and handrail solutions saves on installation costs.

60 Second Overview of Kee Access handrails

A few examples of Kee Access railing systems

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