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Modular safety platforms & mats to prevent falls through open voids

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Mats and Raised Platforms to Mitigate Falls from Height

Kee Systems offers a range of Fall Prevention Systems, such as modular safety mattings and covers to prevent falls from projects that occur below ground, such as inspection pits, and above ground, across loft joists and in constructing timber-framed houses.


The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) are the main piece of British legislation around the topic. They state that work that takes place “at or below ground level” is covered by the laws just as much as above groundwork at height. In fact, any task where a fall might cause an injury falls within the remit of the WAHR.


Check out below which products Kee Systems supplies.

Large truck parked over an inspection pit cover, with the PitProtect covering the gap

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