Handrails, Safety Barriers & Guardrail Systems

Kee Klamp Handrails

Ground based handrails, safety barriers and guardrail systems

Kee Klamp fittings have been the global leader in the construction of tubular structures, handrails, safety barriers and guardrails for over 80 years.

The versatility of these fittings means they can be used to construct virtually anything from signs and furniture to restaurant tables and bar areas, but three common uses are:

  1. Safety barriers and guardrails for highways, railways and pedestrian walkways
  2. Warehouse, factory and mezzanine barriers
  3. Handrails for inclines and steps

Protecting people on the ground

Our ground based barrier solutions protect and separate people from hazards and are constructed from galvanised Kee Klamp fittings and tube.

Galvanised steel Kee Klamp fittings offer the most flexible solution for the construction of handrails, safety barriers and railings. Solutions can be designed to specific on site requirements both indoors and outside.

Quick and simple installation

Kee Klamp ground based railings do not require on-site welding, making them quick and simple to construct in virtually any configuration.

Standard tube sizes are joined together with the Kee Klamp fittings which are easily and securely locked to the tube with hexagon socket set screws. No fabrication is involved in the construction of these safety barriers.

Ease of Installation

No welding or fabrication is required. This overcomes the need for hot work permits. All you need is an allen key to securely lock the fittings to the tube.

Durable Solution

Barrier systems can last for decades and withstand harsh environments. Components are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and TUV approved.

Cost effective
Cost Effective

Quick and easy construction of ground based safety barrier solutions saves on installation costs

60 Second Overview of Kee Klamp safety barriers

A few examples of Kee Klamp safety barriers

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