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CoverSafe Spark Insulated Crawl Board

Insulated Loft Crawl Board to prevent falls from height

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Keeping Users Safe from Falls

The CoverSafe Spark is an insulated, lightweight mat, that prevents falls through ceilings and open voids. It is formulated with GRP, a material that was developed for aerospace and Formula One racing.

Ensure the boards are not placed directly on pipes or electrical cables to avoid any potential damage or hazards.

Using crawling boards can significantly increase safety while working at height. Additionally, it is important to support UK manufacturers by choosing UK-made products, which helps reduce the carbon footprint and ensures the highest quality.


This insulated loft mat is perfect for multiple types of loft work including:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Pest control
  • Satellite installation
  • Solar battery installation
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Features of CoverSafe Spark

  • Easy to Carry & Use: The CoverSafe Spark comes with a carry case with straps for tools. It  features a foldable compact design, making it easy to store and transport. It can easily be taken through single doorways and up typical stairways. As transport crawling boards, they can be transported to the site in a van or most cars’ boot. The mat can be manually handled by one person to the access points.
  • Safe Working Platform: The CoverSafe Spark provides a safe working platform for inspections, plumbing, aerial, solar, inverter, electrical and maintenance work.
  • No Electric Shock: The trellis mat is made of a superior-strength material which is electrically insulated. This minimises the possibility of electric shock if the mat is placed onto faulty electrical fittings hidden under a fibreglass layer.

Need help with your loft safety?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GRP material?

    Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite material made from a polymer matrix and glass fibres. It is a strong material but lightweight at the same time, resistant to chemicals and erosion, waterproof, highly durable and insulated to protect against electrical hazards.

  • Where can I use the CoverSafe Spark?

    The mat is designed to prevent falls through voids while working at height – for example, while carrying out maintenance work or repairs in the attic or in a roof space.

  • Can I stand on the CoverSafe Spark?

    CoverSafe Spark prevents falls through ceilings and open voids. It acts as a working platform, keeping users safe from falls while they perform their maintenance and repairs tasks. This means you can stand on it.

  • How many insulated loft crawl boards do I need?

    For a full loft area, you need to take the area in m² of the loft, divide it by 1.6 and round up to the next full number. E.g. 48 m² / 1.6 m = 30 mats needed. E.g. 48 m² / 1.6 m = 30 mats needed. The maximum working load of the CoverSafe Spark is 150kg.

  • Why is important to support UK manufactures and UK trade?

    Supporting UK manufacturers and UK trade is crucial for several reasons. Buying UK- made products helps reduce the carbon footprint due to shorter transportation distances. It is also plays a significant role in supporting UK trade and the local economy. Additionally, UK-made products are often of high quality, and there is a sense of pride in supporting local manufactures.

Need help with your loft safety?